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  1. We’re talking about different areas. Both the Pearl and Jewel have a Haven-only sundeck on 15 port side. The Haven is wonderful on both ships! If you can get an upgrade, you won’t regret it. Have a great trip!
  2. You’re right. We are thinking about different decks. Both the Pearl and the Jewel have the Haven-only sun deck on 15/port side that you’re thinking of. I thought you were talking about portion of the deck on 15 that was unique to the Jewel when I read your comment the first time. Until recently, the Jewel had an extra enclosed space on deck 15 above the front portion of the Garden Villas where the Deluxe Owner’s Suites are on the Pearl. It overlooked the main pool area and was open to all Haven suites. On both sides of this area were additional outdoor decks for the garden v
  3. They have removed this to add deluxe owner's suites on the Jewel, so the Jewel is now like the Pearl. Major bummer for the Garden Villa, which lost its outdoor area overlooking the main pool area.
  4. The pool is (was?) an endless pool when I was in it last. Hard to say if that aspect is still functional, but you could turn the jets on and swim laps. I did that a couple times when there was no one else in the pool.
  5. The Pearl does not have a Haven restaurant or bar. Breakfast and lunch are instead provided in Cagneys/Moderno. The Haven pool area is wonderful. We usually pile as many guests into a Haven cabin as we can, so it's really nice to be able to relax/wait in the Haven pool area while our cabin mates are napping/getting ready. We've tried non-Haven with two guests each in mini-suites, and hands down would much rather cram into a Haven cabin.
  6. Not entirely true. Haven Garden Villa, Haven Owner's Suites, and Haven Deluxe Owner's Suites include bottled alcohol. GV gets 6 bottles, and OS/DOS get 3 bottles each.
  7. @Nolanoel Would certainly be hard to top the GV for a first cruise! My step-daughter has only been on one cruise, and we sailed in adjoining mini-suites. (Her and my sister shared a cabin that adjoined my husband and I's cabin. So our Alaska GV cruise will be only her second cruise. We've showed her videos and she's starting to get excited. As for staff in the GV, it was still very private. I think the concierge and butler get that you're going to be spending more time in the suite and were respectful of that. But they'll also check on you there semi-regularly, and even if y
  8. It really depends on the concierge. When we sailed in the GV, we had 8 guests in the GV, 5 guests in a 2-bedroom suite, and 4 guests in an inside cabin. Our concierge set-up dinner for the 17 of us to have at Teppanyaki. He comp'd the cover for the 8 guests staying in the GV and the costs of sodas/juices for all 17 guests. That was our dinner instead of with the hotel manager or other officers, which was fine. We had a great time having both grills for our entire group. Our concierge also gave us a tour of the bridge. We weren't sure if his invitation was for the 8 guests st
  9. As long as it's a Haven-specific cruise next voucher, you can use it on the Garden Villa for the entire deposit. They're $500 a piece. I once got into a disagreement with the cruise consultant because she kept trying to down-sell my father to the standard cruise next vouchers. Thankfully, her manager overheard and confirmed her that I was correct. 🙂 You need to specifically ask for the more expensive cruise next option.
  10. Because it’s after final payment, there may be nothing your TA can do. It’d be nice if he or she at least communicated that though, instead of leaving you wondering.
  11. Was the sale after final payment? That may be part of it. After final payment, it’s like airline pricing. They discount to help sell empty cabins.
  12. Does anyone have a current or semi-current photo of the free alcohol options for the GV/OS/DOS? I'm asking about the 3/6 bottles, not the beverage package alcohol. TIA!
  13. Only time I've noticed a service difference with the Garden Villa ("GV"). Butler and concierge went way above and beyond for the GV. Butler would see us playing card games in the room and would bring up snacks. He had a rough week the week before us with the band Kiss staying in the same room, so he really seemed to enjoy how laid back we were. I have previously stayed in Haven 2-Bedroom Suites (x2), Haven Owner's Suite, and Haven Aft-Penthouse.
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