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  1. Call to see if there are still retreat cabanas available. Best money spent on a cruise hands down! Sent from my iPad using Forums
  2. We are excited about this trip and have already booked our Havana excursions. We are hopeful that a Seattle based company did the footwork for us and chose providers that aren't further enabling the regime. We are happy to spend money with the locals and stay overnight on board the veendam instead of supporting a government run hotel. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  3. I rented a cabana for my sister and I and we loved it! Our only problem was that when on excursions we kept worrying that Enrico, our cabana boy, might be missing us! ;) The service was heavenly. We felt very pampered. Enrico was only too happy to get us whatever we wanted whether it was on the menu or not. I've already reserved a cabana for our next trip. It was the primary reason we booked with HAL again.
  4. I hate to post since I want to always be assured of having a retreat cabana for myself, BUT.... The cabana was THE BEST part of the cruise. We went on several excursions only to say that Enrico must be missing us (wink wink) so we better hurry back to the ship! The service was wonderful. The solitude restful. The view divine. It was money well spent. We have booked a cabana for our upcoming cruise. We are going to be seeing the same ports, but the availability of a retreat cabana was a deal breaker for us. I would NOT want a cabana down by the pool unless I had toddlers who wanted to be in the pool and yet needed the opportunity to rest at some point in the day. It is very crowded down there and not very relaxing.
  5. My sister and I cruised on the Eurodam in March. They were filming a video featuring a couple with young children. We had dinner with the producer one evening. The stated purpose of the film was to attract younger people into cruising with HAL. The young couples on board were nearly always part of a generational group (grandparents, parents, kids) and many had booked one of the cabana's by the pool. The kids were not constantly running around unsupervised as has happened on a couple of other cruises that i have been on.
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