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  1. LOL. I don't know about the pool party - but we'd gladly join you for martinis! deb🙂
  2. Looking forward to being Elite one day and invited to the High Tea event. deb 🙂
  3. It's a date! Looking forward to seeing you guys! deb 🙂
  4. LOL! I'm afraid our cruising buddies might object since we're planning on opening the divider and sharing balconies. 🙂
  5. Almost afraid to ask - what's the Balcony Club?
  6. We're sailing next week on the Celebrity Reflection. Looking forward to our concierge balcony. Just wondering, what are the can't miss places, activities, treats? What would you do first? Hmm? deb
  7. We're headed out on the Getaway 10/21 and decided last week to make it a back to back. Extra time to relax and a completely different itinerary - sounds like a great opportunity. Any tips on how to make the most of this double cruise event? Miami is the port if that makes a difference. thanks for the assistance. deb:)
  8. Thank you so much! I didn't realize this - and I thought I knew all the Latitude benefits :D deb
  9. of course being no stranger to NCL, I know what the benefits are. But am I weird for being most excited about the free laundry? What's your favorite Latitude perk?
  10. Heading to Miami for our cruise on the Equinox soon. Looking ahead to 2019 and wondering if I should wait to book another cruise until I'm on board. Can any one tell me what the deal on offer now for Cruise Next is? Thanks! deb:)
  11. Interesting point of view and a little surprising - I was on this cruise too and I thought the ship looked pretty good. Last sailed NCL Jewel in 2010 and didn't see much difference condition-wise. In fact, when compared to the two most recent cruises aboard RCC Empress OTS and RCC Radiance OTS - both older ships, I thought the crew has done a great job of maintaining the Jewel overall. Sorry about your balcony - that really would be disappointing. Agree on the entertainment largely - Lisa York, I just didn't get it - seemed very out of place. Randan Lauron we really enjoyed throughout the cruise. Food was okay. Cagneys and Moderno were the best, LeBistro the salmon was dry. O'Sheehan's and Asian Fusion were disappointing - everything tasted like it was grocery store frozen reheated, not good. Very much enjoyed the itinerary - ports were fun and a nice change from Caribbean ports. All and all a relaxing cruise. Now for a question: Why is it that the NCL Jewel doesn't have anything booked after it does the Asian itineraries ending in March 2018? Would a scheduled dry dock explain no dates after end of March 2018? hmmmm - enquiring minds want to know.... deb:D
  12. Hi all, this will be my first NCL cruise in a while and I'm reading about this new upsell/bidding system. My question is - does it apply for those who booked through online travel agents, or only those who booked through NCL directly? If it's available for travel agent bookings, how do you become aware of any bidding opportunity? Thanks! deb:)
  13. In case someone is looking for an answer to this one. Just returned from Empress of the Seas and JS 8686 did have one lounger and two chairs on the aft balcony. Glad to have the lounge chair but will never cruise in March again. deb :)
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