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  1. Perfect. Thank you. No need to worry about it then. :)
  2. I read and saw videos that the Eurodam specifically has *no* shallow end - all 6.5' deep. I can't verify this is true though.
  3. I notice that all the pools on the Eurodam are 6ft+ Is brining a pool noodle allowed so I can float?
  4. Wonderful! Thank you ALL for the good info.
  5. We'll be sailing the Eurodam in November, and I am an Iced Coffee drinker (iced regular in the AM and iced decaf in the PM.) my question: Is the coffee in the buffet (coffee machines) brewed or "from concentrate?" I don't need specialty coffee - just black with sweetener, maybe cream if it's bitter/strong (and ice - I'll probably bring a reusable tumbler for the coffee.) Also do they have stevia on HAL? TIA Palaemon
  6. Hi all, We're looking to book the 11/16 Panama Canal cruise on the Eurodam for our 20th anniversary celebration. Do you all find using a travel agent the best way to go to get OBC? Or if OBC is offered, it's the same no matter how you book (online by yourself, etc?) We do not have a TA and are open to using one especially since this cruise sails out of San Diego and into Fort Lauderdale. I've seen stuff on HAL website about Flight Ease and/ or $1000 credit for airfare or something. I don't really understand that. Just look for some good advice here.
  7. Okay. All caught up. @faerievert just binged your entire thread. It’s been such a good read. So sorry about the ports like everyone said, but glad you turned lemons into so beautiful lemonade in the form of the great pictures! Thank you. I remember reading someone asked about internet pricing. I dont remember what your answer was. PS Thank SO much for the daily menus and activities!! We’re thinking of booking the ms Eurodam for the Panama Canal in November. This info will help convince the dh.
  8. Im pretty sure we can use our T-Mo iPhones in these countries with no penalties. Anybody do this recently with T-Mo One Plus?
  9. Yes. Liberty has the O3b. I just want to know with that service (in general,) Netflix and Hulu don’t block it since we’re out of the country. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  10. I’m assuming that being a US Netflix subscriber, trying to connect and stream Netflix isn’t an issue? Hulu Plus too? Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  11. Is it 48hrs from the actual excursion (eg its 4 days into the cruise, we can cancel the 2nd day if the cruise?) And if that’s the case, but only 1 person of our group of 6 wants to cancel (because they have a cough) - that’s doable? (The rest can keep their excursion in tact?) Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  12. I'm sure it's anybody's guess, but is it common for the refreshment package to go on sale again just before the cruise? We sale Sunday 2/25, and we'd like to catch it on sale before we get there - as to not pay the full $26/day pricing for my husband. I got it for myself a few weeks ago, but he hadn't considered it at that time. Just looking for options/opinions, since I know no one can predict the future. ;)
  13. Thank you all for the advice and information. I think we'll take ponchos with just in case. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  14. How do they handle that? Is it cancelled/refunded? It’s it rain or shine? We’re cruising Honduras, Costa Maya and Cozumel next week on the LOS. This might be a non-issue, but it’s got me wondering. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
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