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  1. agree, was looking at PC lodgings last night, and the one's that had a cruise terminal shuttle, charged an additional fee.
  2. Does using the ATM in the destination country still apply if it is say Mexico?
  3. Just want to say, looking to book air travel 11 months out is not realistic. Most airlines don't post more than 10 months out. Then on top of that, when they first come out, they are at full price with any discounts not getting applied for a week or so. Even with international travel, I wouldn't book more that 6-8 months out.
  4. I literally just renewed my DL last week and got the RealID version. All I needed was my passport and SS card.
  5. there's no mile walk. There are port shuttles that will go from your ship to the port entrance area. You then switch to the portolink bus that will take you from the port entrance to the train station.
  6. If you are going by train, then you know when you will arrive in florence. its only a 20 minute walk from train station to the galleria. So pick a time about 30 minutes from when your train will arrive in Florence. At most you will be waiting for about 5-10 minutes.
  7. My wife and I did Florence on our own this past July. It is a flat fee of 25 Euros one way from ship to the train station. We caught the 8:12am train arriving in Florence at 9:32am and returned on the 4:28pm train arriving in Livorno at 5:48pm. We got back to the ship by 6pm with plenty of time. We arrived at the same time a lot of the tours were as well. I would if you purchase the train tickets ahead of time on trenitalia.com, to book the train just before the one I listed. That way if you finish up early and are ready to go you can, and it you don't want to go until 4:28pm you are still good as the ticket is valid for 4 hours from the departure time of the train you had selected. I've attached the pdf ticket that I just stored on my phone. Florence2Livorno.pdf
  8. There are a variety of ways to get from Rome to the cruise port. From Private driver to taking the train. Each has its own Pros and Cons.
  9. But it is a flat fee of 25 Euros from the train station to the port in Livorno. So there will probably be others at that train station, group up and split the cost of the taxi. Also if you pre book your return train from florence, I would recommend selecting the earlier time. The ticket will be good for 4 hours from the time of the train you selected. So if you are done early and want to return early you can but can always catch that later train without any hassles.
  10. This doesn't really affect me at all. United is my 3rd choice for airline, with Delta and American ahead of them.
  11. Delta's miles have had no expiration for several years now.
  12. United Airlines announced today that points in their loyalty/frequent flyer program, MileagePlus will never expire effective immediately.
  13. Voelfgar


    On our trip just 2 months ago, we brought some Euros with us, but we also withdrew Euros while we were there. It was better to withdraw funds from Europe than pre ordering Euros from our bank in the US. ATMs in Italy that belong to a bank, do not charge service fees. So the only additional cost is your bank's fee for the foreign currency. The caveat is to minimize the number times you go to the ATM for more cash. I would want to have some Euros, no more than 100, with me before arriving at the airport but not a lot. Depends on whether transportation to your hotel has already been paid for or not.
  14. The cost of the Leonardo (nonstop) train from airport to Rome is 14 euros each. We came in on a 9:30am flight and we didn't get to our hotel until about noonish. I personally think you won't have enough time to do both the Vatican and the Colosseum in basically a half day. Our tour of the Colosseum was a half day. They only allow so many people into the Colosseum at one time, so if you do not have a tour, you could be waiting for awhile to get in. From what I understand, the same is true for the Vatican as well. As cruisemom42 said there are many different ways to get to the seaport from Rome. Wife and I did the train. The only thing to consider is that in Civitavecchia, you will have to carry your bags down a flight of stairs and then back up a flight of stairs. Other than that, it was pretty stress free. There are several different types of trains that go to Civitavecchia from Rome and back. Some will make many stops and some will be nonstop. We did an Intercity type train to Civitavecchia (one stop) plus the shuttle to the port drop off. Cost per person is like 14 euros. I would recommend finding a hotel close to the train station that way you can walk to the train station. We stayed at the Hotel Diocleziano, which is a block from the station, so it is at most a 5 min walk.
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