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  1. Voelfgar

    Sete France

    5 minutes by care, 20 minute walk
  2. Yeah. Looked at what the wine list had but also WI does not have a corkage law. So about the only time we enjoy the really good stuff is when we are on vacation.
  3. That's why on my recent cruise I brought a couple of bottles of 2004 Cask 23.
  4. All Coravin does is allow the restaurant to sell more wines by the glass which makes the restaurant more money. It is a machine that inserts a tube through the cork to keep the rest of the bottle fresh. I've seen machines that had a dozen different wines. a 750ml bottle contains ~5 glasses of wine. When they price the wine by glass, they divide price of bottle by 4.
  5. if you pre purchase them online at trenitalia.com, you do not need to validate.
  6. That's not what i was saying. All i'm saying is you don't need to have your passport out to do the kiosk.
  7. Not anymore. Went through at Detroit, did not need passport to initiate kiosk on July 15th.
  8. I think a very doable and inexpensive way is to take a taxi to the train station and catch a train to Florence. The price of a taxi to the train station is 25 Euros and the train to Florence is 10 Euro person, for a grand total of 65 Euros. See if the train times will work for you at https://www.trenitalia.com/en.html I took the 8:12am Regional Velocce which takes 80 minutes to get to Florence.
  9. I will just say this. My wife and I flew from Detroit to Rome and back last month. We purchased Delta's International Business class, Delta One. The lay flat seat beds are well worth it. We were not tired at all, got checked into the hotel and went out exploring the city.
  10. You should really post this in either of the 3 roll calls that would apply to these dates. Remember there is a cruise that starts on Sunday out of Barcelona and Wednesday out of Rome/Civitavecchia.
  11. But getting back to the @OP original question. Going to Peru and Ecuador, I would probably not even try and use a credit card and deal in cash. There's going to be more places that can't take any credit cards versus those that take them.
  12. Congrats. The thing I learned about Global Entry is you don't need your passport. You go up to a kiosk, it takes a picture of your face and if there's no issues, you get the printout and go right to an agent.
  13. We just flew at the end of June, and my wife forgot to enter hers in. So the website and app would not let you add that within 2 days of flight. She had to physically go to the checkin desk and have someone there enter it. The key thing with all this is that the booking was done prior to receiving the KTN and adding it to your profile with the airlines you use. Just adding it to the profile does not change existing bookings. The benefit of having it in your profile is that it will populate any new booking.
  14. The airlines won't let you add a KTN to an existing booking within 2 days of flying.
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