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  1. I too just paid the deposit for the YC cabin (allegedly also the last one) I wanted rather than agonize about it. The $98 deposit was less than the $396 that MSC said it was unable to move (unlike the OP, I did not have any document permitting moving of the deposit so I felt like I didn't have a leg to stand on forcing the issue). I figured $98 was less than $396, which was in fact refunded about six weeks or so later. It was a leap of faith, but it worked out for me that I took it. I totally understand when people are owed multi-thousands of dollars for paid in full cruises that their tol
  2. Hopefully someone will answer this; since I've never used it, I'm curious too. My experience with Princess many years ago - it was approved, and I had an e-mail confirming it, but when I boarded ship, it was not on my account. No manner of pleading and proof would make them put it on my account. I was furious because I wasted a lot of time at purser's desk trying to get it straightened out. When I got home, I had to spend more time pursuing it, and eventually I received a check in the mail. My advice would be to bring ALL documentation with you so you can at least initiate a complaint tha
  3. Thanks for that info. I had just built up to 100 shares before everything hit the fan, but that's the story of my life. No regrets, but holding out some slender hope that I'll get something out of this....
  4. I appreciated knowing the location of the stock information. I too never would have looked at "For Investors." Reading the fine print - does anyone know (probably too early) if the shareholder OBC is going to be combinable with all the FCC's being given out for cancelled cruises? "Benefit is not combinable with any other offer" and "additional terms and conditions apply" are often the kiss of death. Thanks!
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