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  1. Odd that there is not a single ship left though. They’ve been offloading crew and making room for sister ships for weeks. This is the only moment the port has been empty. Even the Virgin Voyages sailed. Very curious.
  2. And Mariner Of The Seas just went out empty as well, just now at 12:30. My husband thinks he saw a third ship heading out earlier. It’s unusual to see them going out at this time of day which is why we’ve noticed.
  3. So I live in Miami and about 15 minutes ago (noon-ish) the Allure left the Port of Miami without any passengers on it.
  4. What do CAPT and PALL mean on your seapass?
  5. These chairs ARE on the Celebrity Suite balconies. They look really nice on the YouTube tours. They either cheaped out or something went wrong with their order from the vendor - it’s either one or the other, right? I wish Celebrity would adress the Sky Suite balcony furniture issue with an email. It’s not as if people don’t notice what they have booked. Pre-Edge, we would deliberate over spending the extra $ just to get the footstool (and always did) for heaven’s sake!
  6. VT, completely different subject but I stumbled on an article about the Edge retail offerings and found this. Methinks you need some jewelry! ”Edge Steel Collection: A limited-edition fashion jewellery collection made from the first cut of steel used to build the ship. Pieces are inspired by elements of the ship’s architecture and design, such as the Magic Carpet, the outdoor movie screen on the Pool Deck and design features in the Solarium.” The whole read is kind of interesting. https://www.dfnionline.com/lead-stories/starboard-elevates-senses-transformative-retail-onboard-celebrity-edge-03-12-2018/
  7. Hi, I don’t actually board until later this week. Not quite in it yet, just meant booked in it. Happy to answer more questions once we’re there.
  8. I’m not in it yet but based on the photos, I think only 4 at the table... maybe another 2 could fit at the ends if they brought extra dining chairs. For sitting around socializing in LR I think 8... maybe 10 if you had sub-groups. The sofa is a pull-out and there is a half bath, plus access to the master bath without having to go thru the bedroom. So yes, you could have a third guest.
  9. Solstice Royal Suite = 590 square feet interior, 158 square foot balcony Edge Royal Suite = 687 square feet interior, 72 square foot balcony I think people were initially very surprised when the deck plan info came out and saw how much smaller the balcony was. I gather they have hot tubs on the S-Class. We booked it because we have a family gathering and wanted the interior space. Board on Wednesday. Doubt I would book it for any other reason. Don’t know about Penthouses.
  10. I’m in a Royal and the rendering shows angled loungers - knew this was incredibly unlikely, or cramped if it happened, based on the actual balcony dimensions. But nobody asked me... There are cushy chairs which I am happy about but a much-too-large-for-the-space table between them. Hope it doesn’t fall overboard one night. Kidding. Really.
  11. This was posted on Instagram this morning. Maybe they just ran out of trays by the time they got to VT?
  12. Especially with those prices. The lack of planning is sort of staggering. It’s a small space and sooo easy to use graph paper, a 3D room planning app, or tape on the floor to figure out what would fit/look appropriate on each category of balcony. Decorators!
  13. It seemes very much like a 2-person suite once the photos came out. I’d book one for that but someone has to fix your balcony furniture situation. We’re a Royal Suite later this week and are (TOTAL first world problem, as you say) slightly horrified at the mishmash of furniture in the living room, the big unnecessary black cube in the bathroom that I’m sure to walk right into at night, and the large heavy-looking coffee table on the smallish balcony that means I can’t sit next to my husband and chat. I was expecting the small balcony size but the furniture is beyond odd. It’s almost as if they pulled it from some interior space because the REAL furniture didn’t show up. Like this:
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