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  1. Curious if anyone has an update about taking their kids on Celebrity Edge?
  2. Every family is different, but we are getting connecting cabins for peace of mind. Our son is 12 (an only child, no friend coming with us, so he'd be alone). We aren't sharing a triple because our DS is really tall -- 5' 8" already -- and wouldn't fit on the trundle bed that serves as the third "bunk" on Celebrity. So, we sprang for connecting cabins, although it is expensive. If I had two boys, ages 11 and 13, and they were relatively mature and responsible, I would consider side-by-side cabins but would probably be a little nervous about it. I would make sure there is a way to communicate instantly, such as cell phones, walkie talkie or even a baby monitor just for communication (to make it more like everyone is together). I would set extremely clear rules about not letting anyone in the room, staying in the room when expected, safety, what to do in case of emergency. I will add that my parents always did split up when we got side-by-side rooms until we were maybe 16.
  3. I am prone to seasickness. The cabin makes a difference. Mid-ship is better. Bonine works well. I hear the transderm patch is better for serious motion. I have brought the patch with me on cruises just in case but didn’t need it. I felt better knowing I had it, although you are supposed to put it on before you get on the ship. You might consider asking your doctor for anxiety medicine, if fear of sickness is what’s bothering you.
  4. Jesseslola, Our cruise is Western Mediterranean in July. Too bad.
  5. We are cruising as a family on the Edge in the Mediterranean this summer. We are a couple with a tween boy, and Celebrity is our favorite line, whether we are traveling as a couple or as a family. I'd love to hear feedback from other families. I also posted on the family board. Thanks!
  6. Hi, We will be on the Celebrity Edge in the Mediterranean this summer and would love to hear from families who have been on Celebrity's newest ship. We are a family of three (a couple with a tween boy). We like Celebrity in general and have taken our son on Celebrity in the past. I'd be interested in hearing about the kids' club on the new ship and anything else that would be of interest to families.
  7. It sounds like a great place, Cruisemom -- and an excellent value. I appreciate the details regarding what 3 stars means in Italy. I am sure we will be happy! We hope to be out in Rome exploring, so it's not worthwhile for extra amenities we would not sure.
  8. Cruisemom, Thank you so much for the tips! I booked the Albergo Santa Chiara. We got a large room that can fit 4 people, even though we are just 3. I was wondering if you can tell me a little bit more about the hotel. The booking website says it's 3 stars. We usually go 4 stars or higher, but I have also stayed in 3 stars in Europe that are great. Just looking for a little more detail. We like a little charm, very clean and up-to-date rooms, comfy beds, and a nice place to eat. Also, how's the AC? DH hates the heat, and we're going in late July.
  9. Hello, We are a family of three (2 adults, 1 child - Age 12) cruising out of Rome this summer. We are flying in two nights early so we can tour Rome. The cruise line has us in a hotel that looks like it's outside the center (Crowne Plaza St. Peter's), and the quotes are overpriced for what we are getting. Can we do better on our own? We are thinking we'd like a car private transfer, airport to hotel, and hotel to cruise port as well. Any recommendations are welcome. We are not budget travelers per se, but we like to make sure we are getting our money's worth, and it looks like we could get a nicer and better located hotel for what the cruise line is charging!
  10. The Celebrity rep told us an adult must be booked in the tween's room, even with connecting cabins. So, cabin one is one adult/one child, and the second cabin is one adult. We are fine with that. Our goal is to have the extra space and a real bed for everyone. The suites were significantly more expensive than connecting cabins, and the third person in a suite still sleeps on a trundle or single sofa bed. Our son happens to be very tall for his age at 5' 8". At the rate he's growing, he could be 5' 10" by cruise time :)
  11. You don't have a photo, do you? The Celebrity customer service rep had a hard time explaining on the phone exactly how the cabins connect. The rep stated there was some sort of partition and specifically said there was no door in the middle of the room connecting to the other cabin. I am thinking the rep was mistaken, since you were actually in this type of room? Our cabin numbers are 7184 and 7186. On the deck plan, there is a little bar drawn in between to indicate connecting.
  12. I decided to book adjoining cabins for our cruise on the Edge next summer. We are a couple with a very tall tween, and we decided to spend the extra money for two cabins so we all have a real bed. We are aware that an adult must be placed in the cabin tween is in. Does anyone know what the adjoining cabins are like? How are they joined? These are infinite veranda cabins. Thanks!
  13. Update on my original concerns about trundle beds: I talked to Celebrity and my travel agent. It appears there is a conflict between the deck plans on the Celebrity website and the deck plans in the Edge brochure. On the website, the triangle symbol = upper berth, but in the brochure, the triangle symbol = "single sofa bed." The cabins with the square symbols are described as quads with double sofa beds. In fact, those quads have trundles (one person in the drawer, and one on the couch). Could this be a case of the web content writers mistakenly assuming a triangle means upper berth as with other Celebrity ships? On that basis, I elected to change our cabin to a triple (with triangle symbol), Celebrity's rep stating that this is a single sofa bed, not a trundle and NOT a pullman/upper berth. The new cabin number is 8205. I am sure folks have more fun things to do on the maiden voyage than look into this, but I sure would be curious if anyone has any information that would clarify. In cabins with the triangle symbol, what exactly does the third person sleep on? Are there any pullmans/upper berths on the Edge? Are all the quads trundle situations?
  14. I appreciate the useful ideas and comments. I guess what I am most troubled by is that Celebrity should be clear at booking, which is what they promise in the FAQ. Had they been clear, I would have booked adjoining cabins, and one of us would have shared a room with our son. We can make due, as you all have suggested, but for the money we are spending, I feel let down. The bottom line is, none of us on this thread have been able to figure out for sure what the third bed actually is, and that’s not okay IMHO.
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