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  1. OP there were many vendors inJuneau. We booked a whale watching with MendelsonGlacier combo and had a memorable day. We too left some things unbooked. On the top of our list was flight seeing over the glaciers which often gets grounded due to weather. Had we not been able to compete the flightseeing we prebooked during our land tour we wanted to try for it in Juneau, so did not prebook anything in that port. fortunatly for us we did get to do flightseeing in Talketee, so also got a chance to see the magnificant whales by booking a last minute pier tour once we got to Jueau. Best luck to you on your travels.
  2. Not new we had this generous offer in 2007! Our friends were offered a downgrade from minisuite to interior for a full refund/free cruise. They declined but I quickly called my travel agent to inquire if we could get the offer. She arranged for us to move from the Carb Balcony to an interior and our full cruise amount was refunded to OBC. At the end of the cruise we were issued the remaining OBC in cash. Enjoy the offer! We later took another awesome cruise since we had the extra funds to do so!
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