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  1. What we are seeing and hearing now is a public relations response. The virus spread worldwide, and cruise lines had to make a visible stand- to say they are doing what is needed to make sure cruising is safe. The truth, if the over 70 rule stays in place after the virus is handled- will in effect close down most cruise lines. How to reconcile both scenarios? After the virus is contained, either thru a vaccine or otherwise, the restrictions (verbal or actual) of over 70 will be removed. The key is that cruiselines are seen as responding to current events- taking positions some agree are needed now - which makes sure the cruise lines don’t completely tank in the financial market - yes drop significantly but at least remain viable.
  2. I can only speak for our trip last week on Allure, and from reading the comments- the experience varies from ship to ship and even sailing to sailing. our key logo was not printed on our cards but instead a key logo sticker - mine was a bit lopsided and I had to be careful not to have it pulled off by mistake. Also of interest, we did not get our room keys until we were at our door around 145p. At Chops, I mentioned we were part of the key as we only had our set sail pass- he typed in our room number on the computer and voila - it must be indicated in their system- no problems simply great service. We did not get our key paperwork until we arrived in the room- in an envelope on the bed- we didn’t really need it before then anyway. In the envelope were the purple bands but we opted not to wear those and simply showed our card when needed. an edited addition- we sailed on the last spring break sailing and there were a lot of kids- and no, I’m thinking because it was spring break, royal did not enforce adult only areas- I witnessed a diaper age child in an adults hot tub- suddenly started crying- and parents pulled him out- walked away 15 feet and dropped the babies swim shorts revealing the diaper and removed - assuming a dirty diaper- put the swim shorts back on and away they went- we decided against using the hot tubs at that point!
  3. We arrived to the pier just before 1045a - and were on Allure by 11a. We walked over to the theater to drop our carryon bags and retrieve our key pprwrk. Of interest, no written codes are given for internet access- these are now loaded onto your online account and you simply select the package thru your phone or tablet and use as normal. Chops did not open until 1130a- we arrived at 1125 and were seated. At the theater carryon drop off, they mentioned Chops was serving until 1:30p.
  4. Just off Allure this morning - choice departure refers to putting your luggage out night before, with special key tags and then breakfast (for key guests) and meet up at champagne bar for escorted debark. The other option is to carry all your luggage, meet at Champagne for priority/special debark. The in room note is somewhat unclear, but it leans to key ppl debarking after express/early ppl. On allure this morning, first ppl off the ship were two lines simultaneously- one was the regular express/early and the other line was key ppl. The slight negative is the key ppl in the terminal are routed to the suite/pinnacle exit to luggage area- which is elevator only, so you end up waiting a little for the next elevator. big picture, key was worth the expense- didn't use all the perks but ones we did use were worthwhile.
  5. Just to provide an update- definitely heading South - 18.4kts and hugging the s Florida angle - towards Coz - wahoo
  6. On Allure now, western carrib itinerary- Nassau was today and we should be headed towards Cozumel for arrival there Wednesday but looking at the tv showing our track, trip in progress - we are literally tracing the exact route from Miami - I would expect our direction to be heading south- the speed is 20.1 kts - fingers crossed we are just routing to hug s.florida and keys on our way down to Coz?
  7. This may get moved to a diff section but before it does. We went to Nachi in late January, 2 weeks back, and liked it a lot. We’ve been like 10+ times in the last few years- each cruise to Cozumel we go. Ppl will post they like this place or that - mr Sanchos is a popular place/post, we’ve never been - we can see it from Nachi and are really put off by all the kids and floating toys (slides, etc). Nachi is more adult w very few kids, all inclusive w as much beer or margaritas you can drink - the Times we’ve been, we’ve not had issues w crazy drunks or anything like that - our favorite is the food. Some like to eat beachside but they have a covered, restaurant area to eat at - table service vs buffet and really good. Nachi is is limited to like 100 ppl but each visit we’ve seen way less and it doesn’t feel overcrowded. We we like it so much, going back in April- about 70 days away.
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