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  1. We have received slippers when we have booked a Spa Staterooms.
  2. What type of entertainment are you anticipating or expect to see?
  3. The Main Dining Room is very good on Gala Night. The Pinnacle Grill will still be there on the other nights.
  4. Maybe you should cruise on Celebrity and happy and satisfied. All cruise lines are different from each other.
  5. I personally don't think tat a tender problem exists. When tendering the sea conditions are the deciding factor, Safety comes first when at sea. Some people thrive on spreading false stories. The tender are also the Life Boats that are used in an emergency.
  6. Hello...We did the Christmas cruise on the Nieuw Statendam last Christmas (2018) and did enjoy the experience immensely. The ship will be decorated for the Holiday quite nicely. Santa will visit the children on Christmas Morning with gifts, the crew and officers will do (or did) and Christmas Chorale at The World Stage on Christmas Eve followed by a Midnight Mass there. At the Tree lighting ceremony at the Lincoln Center Stage it snowed, paper of course but it looked like snow and served complimentary cocoa to go with the festivities and of course a performance by the Lincoln Center Stage musicians. The atrium had a interning two level high Christmas Tree made from wrapped Christmas boxes. The ship was totally decorated for the holiday and the Seaview (aft) had a large neon Santa. This was our first Christmas cruise and the ship still had that new smell. Yes, as some posters replied, there were a lot of children that you saw during the day but not in the evening. The children were well mannered. It was not intrusive in any way at all. We did join the Greenhouse Thermal Suite for the duration and were fine. We would book another Christmas cruise without hesitation.
  7. Which ship are you considering? On the Vista and Signature Class, the J and K on the Main Deck are very good, just be sure to check the Deck Plan so you know what is above you. They are very roomy staterooms. We have also resided in a Cat I on the Navigation Deck that were roomy, had a couch and were quiet. Happy cruising!
  8. The VX designates that a VISA is required. Check with your cruise consultant.
  9. Have you inquired this to a HAL Personal Cruise Consultant? They may have a better answer for you.
  10. We have resided in these cabins and been quite satisfied with the choice. They are not noisy, whether the the elevators or not. The obstruction Forward of the midship elevators are obstructed by the life boats, whereas those staterooms aft of those elevators are obstructed by the tenders, which are slightly higher. The window area is floor to ceiling and allows a slight view and lots of natural light.
  11. We have cruised to Alaska on the Oosterdam (7 days) and the Amsterdam (14 days) and were quite satisfied with ship and cruise. Which ever Holland America ship you will choose, I believe you will be quite satisfied.
  12. You are not going to hear any music from the Fitness Center, nor will you even notice that it is above your stateroom. Enjoy the cruise!
  13. Have You asked this question to Holland America Line or Your Travel Agent? They will be able to answer your questions.
  14. Since it has already been stated, You will have a blank White key card for the Lanai door and of course the the normal Key Card for Passageway entrance to your stateroom. The Lanai staterooms are the best IMHO. We book one a Lanai whenever we are on a HAL ship that has them. Enjoy!
  15. I agree with you, that at Times Cruise Deck Plans . Com. We were also recently aboard the Rotterdam and it has since incorporated Lincoln center Stage and was told that the Billboard Onboard would be added in place of The Mix. At least the Ocean Bar is still the Ocean Bar with great musicians.
  16. The Adagio has or will be replaced with Lincoln Center Stage. You will enjoy the change.
  17. Your stateroom is located below the Canaletto Restaurant, I personally would not be concerned about that or the Elevators location. The wall of the elevator lobby faces the passageway of where your cabin is located. Good assignment IMHO. Bon Voyage, a little early. A very good ship.
  18. We have cruised on both the Koningsdam and the Nieuw Statendam and never felt the ship was crowded and the sailings were Sold Out.
  19. From the Holland America Line website... Are Laundry Facilities Available On Board? For your comfort and convenience we offer full laundry and dry cleaning service on each ship in the Holland America Line fleet. In your stateroom you will find laundry bags and price lists conveniently located in your closet. Onboard self-service launderettes consisting of washers, dryers, irons and ironing boards are available on the ms Amsterdam and Maasdam. There is a charge for the use of the self-service launderettes and it is coin operated. Iron and ironing boards are provided at no cost. Please note: For safety reasons, travel irons, steamers, and electric water heaters/kettles may not be used in your stateroom.
  20. We have also had the same PCC for so many years, she knows our likes and dislikes and is so helpful. She is always so helpful.
  21. OMG! With all of our experience in planning with our PCC, we have Never been harassed or pestered. We will only book direct with the cruise line (HAL) for more efficient service and those perks and it is more personal.
  22. If I am next to someone that is jeopardizing my health and/or safety, You bet I will. And inform the proper individual in charge.
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