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  1. I am also curious about the details of med-evac while at sea or from a port. We don't take trip insurance but for our longer cruises we've gotten medical emergency coverage and hope to never use it. I once had a contract employee I supervised fall ill in Russia (Moscow) and the quality of care was questionable so we got him med-evac'd to Helsinki where he got excellent (and free) care. There was an extended debate about who was to pay the $20K bill for the flight since all employees had corporate insurance and the trip was approved by others assuming it applied to contract employees... but I digress. It's expensive and for the one case I knew personally I think the flight saved his life.
  2. me too... what is the expression? "in the same boat" We're doing Tampa/Amsterdam/Baltics nothing to do but wait and see.
  3. We bought the stock a long time ago to get the OBC and rode it up (now down), for us it's a long term hold. It could end up badly. For the OBC, we did hit a few instances where we could not combine it - then worse, when we tried to get the (larger) OBC in place of the (smaller) discount we had in another offer we were told the prior combined offer was no longer available and to get the shareholder OBC we would need to re-book (and pay net more). The policy was rationalized in 2019 and we got the (higher) OBC on our last sailing in December which was booked after the new policy was instituted. Sadly we have a 26 day back-to-back coming up in May which was booked far in advance and they are still denying us the (higher) shareholder OBC. Still... we've been shareholders almost all along our path to making Diamond last December so the OBC we could get over time is not nothing.
  4. Thanks - yes that is one of the places I'd been before and supported my ideas about face masks and hand gels being ineffective. Thanks also for pointing me to the larger more active thread I'd missed (though they have strayed off on motorcycles and handshakes for now).
  5. We own 100 shares each of RCL and Carnival - both offer shareholder benefits in the form of OBC. Glad I never look at the price of either....
  6. Last year we were on a cruise that got cut short due to noro-virus. That experience got me quite interested in what I could do pro-actively to minimize the chance of getting a viral infection. I had mistakenly thought that hand sanitizer killed a virus, but now I believe it doesn't do much. As I learned more it seemed that the most effective and really only effective measure was proper hand washing. The protective mechanism is NOT killing the virus but getting your hands so slick with a soapy film that the virus can't stick and falls off when exposed to a complete rinsing. With the advent of COVID-19 I can only imagine the pressure to use (ineffective) hand gel will increase? We are cruising to Europe in a couple months and my "plan" is to find places with warm water and soap near where I eat and washy-washy thoroughly (then skip the hand gel). Am I right that this is the most risk reduction I can manage? I'd also understood that masks may prevent spread from you to others but do little (or worse increase risk) of others spreading to you? So no gel, no mask was my thought.
  7. On the Rhapsody they had roast beef in the Windjammer and in the Solarium on a few days, but they don't make a sandwich. I got rolls and made my own. I agree - Park Cafe roast beef sandwiches are great.
  8. That is what I suspected. I was dis-inclined to buy a pass in any case. For sure I cannot figure out why anyone would wear a robe in a sauna - can't be comfortable. A pity - I'll keep track of which ships get rid of this free service and book accordingly.
  9. I have returned to our cabin and found the chargers unplugged on occasion. Not always, but it happens. In general I try to remember to have things charging up over night.
  10. It happens (rarely). I guess we confused Oasis and Allure since we were on both last year.
  11. There were 4 of us and only 1 (my wife) got sick. Her symptoms were rapid onset and cleared fast too. For sure others got hit harder. Back to topic - I am 99% sure we (the 4 of us) were using the chat on Oasis... but we did get a refund on that cruise and used it to buy another cruise on the Allure - so maybe we are mis-remembering. In any case - the full function of the RCI app does free chat. Not all ships have the app running and of those that do have it, not all have chat.
  12. we were on the infamous noro-cruise of 2019...
  13. Just checked with my wife (who remembers things). We were on the Oasis last year and it had messaging AND it was free. We did find that the messages got delivered a bit randomly and unless you were checking your phone like a teenager you would miss some. But it was offered and kind of worked. (I'm a bad reference here since I don't check for texts normally and miss them a lot... and when I'm on a cruise the last thing on my mind is looking at my phone for any reason...)
  14. I think Oasis has a full version of the Royal app running and that does support messaging. You don't get the text via your regular phone interface but if everyone installs the Royal app you can do group or individual text chat. I do not think it is free, but it is inexpensive.
  15. We drive to Canaveral (we live near MCO) and usually try to leave here around 9ish. We park off site and so arriving a bit before 10 gets us to the ship some time between 10 and 11 (parking shuttles are random). I've found that that boarding can vary a LOT. We've arrived at 10:30 and basically walked on to the ship and we've arrive at 10:30 and waited an hour in various lines. Once on board we stake out a table and begin the cruise. We read, play cards, eat, drink and repeat until rooms are open. Then we drop our carry on and unpack if the bags are there or go back to a table if they are not.
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