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  1. First time on this ship, would love to know what is a prime spot during the day, also do you need to take your passport with you when you get off ship in Bermiuda
  2. Thanks I was thinking the same thing and thats why I got inside room to begin with.
  3. Thank you. I see your from Long Island Also
  4. I get they are all gone, one woul expect that on such a large cruise but Im still confused as to what time. Are people out there at 6AM?
  5. Hi we will be on Escape Sunday and I have 4 teenagers staying in a inside cabin, Im getting a little nervous now that they will not have enough room and maybe I should try to get a balcony room for them. Would love to hear from anyone who has stayed in one and how it was. Thanks
  6. I will be on the Escape Sunday, I see you mentioned chair hogs. What is the latest time to get a lounge chair before they are all gone? Are they all gone by 8AM?
  7. After reading many reviews, how early do I need to get on ship to make my entertainment reservations. Many people said the shows are all booked up by 5pm. Also do I need to go to the reservation desk or can I make reservations from kiosks. Also where are these kiosks located. thanks
  8. Is this included? Is Margaritaville considered a specialty restaurant/
  9. When we were on the breakaway we were able to get Margaritas for free at Margaritaville. Is that still possible on the Escape? Thanks
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