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  1. Please add 26 Feb 2021 ... Peacefulness ... Regal Princess ... Auckland - Picton - Auckland 4 nights Thanks Tania
  2. We took our half-bottles of wine from the club class mini to the dining room and they didn't stop us. Tania
  3. We have just come back from touring Japan for two weeks. All done with the help of Google Maps and public transport. Also, in 2015, we spent five days in Tokyo and then travelled by train to Yokohama to get on a repositioning cruise on Diamond Princess. So I'm happy to help with the details if you want. The airfares to Japan are going to be quite high next year as the Summer Olympics are being held there see https://www.olympic.org/tokyo-2020. Here 's a link to the events schedule https://footstepsofadreamer.com/the-tokyo-2020-summer-olympics-schedule-an-in-depth-guide/ Given the proximity to the Olympic games, I'd say the majority of 2020 is going to be very busy there, in fact even busier than what we found it to be in April 2019. Both times, we've arrived at Haneda airport rather than Narita, from Melbourne. We flew Qantas from Melbourne to Sydney and Sydney to Haneda on premium economy. The flight direct from Melbourne to Narita is on A330 and these planes only offers economy or business. If you intend on spending a few days in Japan and you wish to see some of Tokyo, then it's far better to stay in Tokyo rather than in Yokohama and commute each day. Haven't really spent anytime at Yokohama as we only just went there to get on the ship. I suggest getting Suica cards as soon as you arrive at the airport and load them up with some cash. I think 1,000.00 yen is the minimum load amount and you can purchase and load the cards at the machines near the light rail at Haneda and I'm sure there are machines at Narita airport as well. The machines can be changed to English. The Suica doesn't provide you any discounts, but it allows you to travel across all of their trains, buses and light rail without having to constantly buy tickets. Here's a link to some information on Suica cards https://www.jreast.co.jp/e/pass/suica.html#suicaMap The Suica cards can be used at all sorts of places, including vending machines, 7-11 etc. You can then use the Suica card to get from Tokyo to Yokohama and then return the card for a refund at the station. We purchased ours in 2015, and reused them April 2019, and we still have them with us; but they do have an expiry date. Tania
  4. Thank you Sarah for the link. I never receive these from Princess.
  5. Sorry, The above should be - 12 February 2020... Majestic Princess... Sydney to Melbourne Please also add - 23 December 2020... Celebrity Eclipse... Melbourne - New Zealand - Melbourne Thanks Tania
  6. Hi David, Please add us... 12 Feb … Majestic Princess …… Sydney to Melbourne Thanks Tania
  7. We sailed on Golden Princess in January 2019, for four days and had the Captain make one announcement in the room during late afternoon, just before leaving Port Lincoln for the day. The announcement was made to inform us about the odd weather pattern that we were going to encounter during the next day, and to suggest that we should take precautions to avoid sea sickness if necessary. I really appreciated the announcement coming into the room so that I didn't miss it. As warned, we did have rather an odd rolling around for the entire day and it was obvious that many people were experiencing sea sickness, even with the warning announcement in our cabins. I have no problems with announcements of this nature, being made in the cabin, as I most often just ignore the announcements otherwise. Tania
  8. Thank you Cheznandy for taking the time to write and then post this review while on your wonderful holiday. I will miss reading it. Tania
  9. Hi Keith, Given that you're flying business, you'll have much more overhead locker space to fit two carry-on bags. It's only when flying economy that one has to fit the second bag under the front of their seat, unless your seat is bulkhead or exit row. All bags must be in overhead lockers when seated at bulkhead and exit row seats in economy. We never bother to weigh our carry-on bags when flying either domestic or international. Qantas has never bothered to weigh our bags either. I usually take one wheeled carry-on and one pack-safe and my partner takes a wheeled carry-on and one backpack when flying international. We've never had any trouble taking these on-board on Qantas international flights - flying mostly premium economy, some business and some economy. Remember, as you're flying to New Zealand, this is considered international and as such, you'll have all the liquid and powder restrictions applied to your carry-on luggage. So this restricts what and how much you can take in these bags anyway. This is just in case you were intending taking only carry-on luggage for your trip.
  10. Can you please add to your list: 25Jan …. Peacefulness … Golden Princess … Southern Australia Getaway
  11. Thank you for the answer in regards to internet minutes. Great review. Tania
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