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  1. cruiser fanatic

    Priority rooms ready at 130 today....

    Exactly. The port people are not the problem. Carnival is telling them to say 1:30.
  2. You can apply gift cards at check in.
  3. cruiser fanatic

    Carnival gift cards

    Yes, just load your gift cards when you check in at the terminal.
  4. cruiser fanatic

    B2B questions

    No discount as it is two separate cruises. At the end of the first cruise you will meet at Guest Services and when everyone else is off you will be escorted to Customs and back to the ship. You will then have the ship to yourselves for about 30 - 60 minutes before the new guests board.
  5. On the Breeze 2 weeks ago it was 1 invitation with both names and the cabin number on it.
  6. John heald just announced concordia is a total loss and the allegra will not return to costa cruise lines the allegra is for sell or it will be salvaged at a later late
  7. cruiser fanatic

    Favorite Production Singers?

    If you can remember hard enough from your cruises who was your favorite singers so far I like Adrian Halls and and Pete Pinston I don't want to sail with Tim and Simone again worst singers ever we had them on the Triumph in July but we had different ones in December on Triumph. So who is your Favorite?
  8. Day 1 - Embarkation As most of you know by now it was delayed due to the fog we signed up for text alerts here is where Carnival lied they said we would get a text every hour wrong we got a text every 4 hours I found out the ship was coming by JH facebook page [URL="http://www.facebook.com/JohnHeald"]www.facebook.com/JohnHeald[/URL] that it was coming in we did not know for another hour from Carnival parked at EZ cruise then to check in we are Platinum so we did VIP check in very quick then waited for another hour then we got on Carnival gave us an 15$ onboard credit per person but when we got on the ship a mob of people were at GS yelling at them for the Fog the Welcomw show was good with the CD Felipe he was funny and the singers and dancers the singers were Aryik and Sharon they were way better then the last Triumph singers Tim and Simone then off to bed day 2 comming up next. Also I have the Funtimes but I can't scan them but if you have a question just ask.
  9. cruiser fanatic

    Carnival Triumph is Delayed

    Carnival just posted this Carnival Triumph 12/15/2011 Web Update #1 The Galveston area is currently experiencing heavy fog and the port remains closed to all inbound and outbound traffic. At this time, the Carnival Triumph remains outside the channel waiting for the fog to lift. We will be posting hourly updates on the arrival of the Carnival Triumph. For your comfort and convenience, we ask that you not proceed to the terminal until we confirm the ship’s arrival time and embarkation hours for your cruise. In the meantime, to stay in touch, we encourage you to sign up for text alerts by texting CCL1 to 36500 to receive updates. You can also visit our website at www.carnival.com/alerts. We look forward to welcoming guests aboard the Carnival Triumph today
  10. cruiser fanatic

    Carnival Triumph 12/15/11 Fog

    is the ship going to be delayed today i live near galveston in Baytown and the fog is realy bad. Anyone know how it is in Galveston.
  11. cruiser fanatic

    Ecstasy And Splendor Fire

    Was anyone on the Ecstasy Or the Splendor during the Fire if so could you share your thoughts and how it was like during the fire.
  12. cruiser fanatic

    Galveston Fog Delays

    It has been a while since we were delayed in Galveston which was the Ecstasy in 09 I have forgotten what happens if you are fogged in what do they do and if you are delayed the whole day into the night where do you sleep and where do you eat in the buffet or dinning room? Just wondering because we are sailing the Triumph Dec 15 and I know Galveston is known for fog Delays in December.
  13. cruiser fanatic

    Cabin 6206 on Triumph.

    Has anyone been in this cabin can you tell me how it is I have noticed it is way to the front is there vibration at night any photos or observations would be nice thanks.
  14. cruiser fanatic

    Carnival Triumpg 12/15/11

    Is anyone else going on this trip if you are come join our roll call we have hardly anyone. Sorry missed spelled the ship name.
  15. Has anyone had these two balconies before if so coud you tell me which one you liked better and why? Thanks in advance.