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  1. Believe this is a really positive approach taken by Royal. It allows those of us in the higher risk groups to eliminate money as a criterion in our respective decisions whether to sail or opt out for the FCC. We have 4 RCCL cruises between now and July 31st and will decide on each at an appropriate time.
  2. We have done the Meal With an Officer at least 10-15 times and have never had it anywhere other than the MDR, usually in the back on the port side. For us it has been a hit or miss depending on the officer whose turn it was and the other cruisers at the table. Most of the time the officer has been personable and communicated well and enjoyed sharing information. Occasionally you wind up with a shy or introverted officer, who may be very good at his/her job, but, unfortunately communication is not they're strong point. Usually we have had a 2-1/2 or 3 bar officer. I'm sure the Pinnacle equivalent is with a more senior officer and perhaps the Captain. One time we even had the Captain on one of the smaller ships and that was really interesting.
  3. hi Sailing on b2b2b 12/1/12/8 and 12/15 0f 2019. Question? We had a J4 reserved wiith cabin14236 for 12/15 and now our set sill pass says reprint gty. Anyone know how this works? Thanks
  4. Thanks to the posters on this thread I was able to push my CVS pharmacist into checking other nearby pharmacies and I now have my Epipen set. Thanks, Sherman
  5. How long will Perry Grant be on Serenade? We are on 2/21/20 Serenade. Thanks in advance.
  6. Just curious-where in the US can you even get an epipen now. We live in South Florida and its been on backorder at our local CVS since February?
  7. You probably don't need the Head Waiter...any Ass't Head Waiter should be able to discuss your dietary needs and contact the chef as required to ensure you are provided foods that are ok for you. You can also discuss breakfast and lunch food needs and requirements. If the MDR is closed for lunch (port days) they can also put in lunch orders for the Windjammer which will be referenced to your room number...this works best if done from the MDR at the end of dinner the night before.
  8. Frankly the post cruise "survey" has been degraded to the point of being a waste of time. On the rare occasion they give you the opportunity to provide meaningful comment they cut you off after a limited number of keystrokes...sorry didn't count the number of keystrokes. After 66 Royal cruises just use the "survey" to single out individuals who have provided exceptionally positive service and hope that someone at Royal even reads the comments.
  9. Thanks so much for taking the time to provide a truly detailed and meaningful review. It is probably the most useful review we have ever had the pleasure of reading. Our take is clearly that the Edge class is designed to appeal to the younger generations and their pursuit of "experiences". Clearly Celebrity is attempting to establish themselves in the "luxury cruising" category by doubling the number of suites on S class ships. Definitely believe that having non-cruisers design the ship contents was a risky undertaking that perhaps was ill advised. At the current price point of about $350-400 per person per day for a veranda we will pass on the Edge.
  10. We found the coffee served on the Navigator 11/23/18 cruise to be up there with the best we've ever had. It was the usual Lavazza. We also found that cream and/or Half and Half was not on the MDR tables. When we asked for cream we were provided the Half and Half packets which are fine with us. Occasionally there was some misunderstanding by a crew member who would respond that cream was in the metal pitcher-we'd then explain that that was milk, etc. and we would usually get Half and Half although once or twice we received non-dairy creamer-which the crew member said was cream and we'd explain that it wasn't. All in all very tasty coffee!
  11. We sailed out of Terminal G for Navigator 11/23/18 cruise and back into Terminal G at the completion of the cruise on 12/2/18. First let me say that we have used this terminal several times during the summer of 2018 with the Celebrity Equinox and had no problems then. Unfortunately this time was a different story. We both have handicapping issues so we need wheelchairs to board and disembark. It took quite a while to get wheelchairs to board and then when we got to checkin the cameras didn't work so the pictures had to be taken on the ship. On disembarking the wheelchairs were an issue again...not enough pushers both on the ship (yes we arrived 45 minutes before the start time) and on the land side. Also the escalators were not working so guests who had some luggage had to take the 2 elevators. Unfortunately the Port of Miami thinks its an airport and uses carousels with about 10 luggage tag numbers on each of the 3 carousels. One other point the Port of Miami has just opened a new terminal...Terminal A for the Oasis class of RCL ships and it was very hard for our limo driver to navigate out of the port. Hope it goes better for you!
  12. We're on Friday's Navigator also. Best wishes to everyone for a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving!
  13. https://www.cruisecritic.com/rollcalls/adventure-of-the-seas-november-10-2018/ That's the link that was copied from browser.
  14. The Roll Call for the 11/10/18 Adventure of the Seas is still missing...When clicking on the link provided above it gives you only 5 comments and when you request more of the content it shows it as unavailable. We appreciate the useful work Cruisecritic does and the plethora of important information provided but sadly this Cruisecritic redo is starting to look like the recent Celebrity/Royal Caribbean redo. What happened to beta testing?
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