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  1. I haven't been able to wear a real heel in years and my feet appreciate it! I do have a pair of navy blue, kitten heeled Mary Janes that I can wear for a few hours before my feet complain. I leave those at home and stick to flats on cruises and land vacations. I take ballerina style flats plus a pair of pretty flat sandals or two now. Oh, and hose--wear with those Mary Janes but tend to skip on vacay. I would if I could wear dress pumps but I'm almost 65 years old so it might be a generational thing?
  2. I live in Broward County, FL and as others have said we do have our cold snaps. We're cruising from Tampa (north of us and cooler by a good bit) in early 2023 and I plan on packing a few lightweight slacks/long sleeved top outfits for the first few days. I will check the weather forecast for the FL peninsula to determine just how many of those outfits I think I'll need and whether to add a long sweater type coat to add additional warmth. I'm excited to sail under the Skyway Bridge and don't want to be miserably cold (at least to me) while I am experiencing that moment! Enjoy your winter cruise!
  3. Thank you, LindaD, for the great topic. I'm learning all kinds of new, useful tricks! Sunscreen has always been my issue but, if flying to the port for a tropical type cruise, I buy in port. I have a 3.2 ounce tube for the stuff I use on my face daily, anywhere, so it goes in my 3-1-1 bag. I also have a crushable strawish type hat, it's one of those made with a high SPF material? I wear that outdoors. It's pretty handy with it's adjustable neck strap and I fold it up in my tote while on the plane/car, etc. Got it at Costco and I think I have 5 or 6 in 2 different styles now--one's in my car, one I wear gardening, etc, and the newest (and cleanest, LOL) is saved for travel. Shoes, as others have said, are the biggest space hogs! I normally wear trainers and pack a pair of Teva's for wet situations and to swap out day to day walking/touring. I also pack a pair of dressier, but low heeled, sandals and ballerina type flats that go with everything. My feet decided they didn't want to walk in heels about 10 years ago, lol!
  4. Exactly! You advertise for a certain demographic and completely fail to provide TV movies they might want or WiFi that will allow streaming from their own devices. WiFi is always an issue on a small island--or a cruise ship!
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