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  1. Also received my Water order refund separately on Credit Card.
  2. BleckOne is RIGHT ... Received refund for April 18 cruise on 5/7 to credit card... Received Gift Card refund for our May 2 cruise today via Fed X today for $1410.02 . So ... YES they are trying to get the refunds to everyone as fast as they can! As far as I can see Carnival is bending over backwards and are being way more generous than any other company out there! Kudos to Carnival and their Amazing Staff!
  3. Yes, they are processing refunds! Got refund for April 18 cruise for the cash portion on credit card May 7. So ...Yes they are processing refunds. Had $977 refunded to credit card and $1188 FCC... Taxes ad Port charges refunded separately on different card. also the refund for water ordered.
  4. AARP now has $100 Carnival Gift Cards for $90. Members Only and you can only get 1 Carnival Card a month. Didn't see any $500 ones yet.
  5. No specific check in time on our Breakaway cruise docks .. just states not to arrive sooner than 1 hour before boarding time which it says 12:00.. we get there early.
  6. Have you tried ordering 1- $500 card then in another order 4- $100? I also had to change my shipping address to same as credit card address , they won't ship to PO box. And once I had not clicked on Mastercard to specify what kind of card it was.
  7. Standard seats are way back along the back wall in the booths and blocks your view for up where they do areal stunts and some of the stage. Premium you will sit closer and will have an unobstructed view. Be sure to get in line at least 30 min before the doors open.
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