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  1. My son is 32, and the main reason he's flying out with me is for Alcatraz. We are also going to see other things, but that's the top of his list. I sent him the link for the Behind the scenes tour and he's very interested in that.
  2. I just found another post with the official site. We can't get tickets until at least 90 days out, so I'll have to wait since we don't go until Aug.
  3. I'm finding several places to get tickets. Do you know which one is the official site? I don't want to risk a scam.
  4. I will be on an Alaskan cruise with a friend in Aug. I will be getting into San Francisco 4 days before the cruise with my husband and son. My son really wants to see Alcatraz. I'm planning on doing a day tour with him, but he also wants to do the night tour. Are they the same or is it worth it to do both? This is on his life bucket list, to get there, so I want to give him the full experience. If we do both tours, is it better to do them both on the same day or should we do the night tour one day and then the next day do the day tour? He's not even going on the cruise with me, but is flying out with me just to see this, so I want him to get the most out of it. Any suggestions? I haven't gotten our tickets yet, but I know I need to do that soon to guarantee we have them, but was wondering about the difference or should we do both?
  5. We have taken several cruises on RC, but the usually the mega ships. We have been on the Freedom once and the Mariner. I've been looking at a cruise to Bermuda on the Serenade, and we're just concerned that we might be bored on it with having 3 sea days. Do you find that there is plenty to do? I see they have miniature golf, but what else do they have? I think the mega ships have spoiled us, but I really want to go to Bermuda and the dates would be perfect.
  6. I just noticed on my cruise summary that the time we get into Bermuda on Wed, Nov 6 changed. When we booked it said we would be in port at about 10 am. , now it says we don't get there until 4! I had the whole day Wed planned with things to do, but now it will be too late to do any of them. What are the chances it will go back to the morning arrival? Basically we now only have 1 full day there, since we leave at 3 on Friday. Does this happen a lot with Norwegian? This is really disappointing.
  7. We are on that same cruise, coming in on the Escape. We're really looking forward to it. We aren't really planning on doing much swimming though, but that's ok with us. There seems to be lots to do on land, and some of the boat tours look like fun. I do love to snorkel, but since I now have to wear glasses, that's out anyway. Temps in the upper 60's to low 70's sound perfect to us.
  8. We are on a cruise with Norwegian in Nov and will be flying in on their free airfare. We plan to get there the day before the ship leaves. We are going to stay at a hotel close to the airport that will offer shuttle service from airport to hotel. I plan to take an uber to the port, but how difficult is it to get another uber at the end of the cruise to get back to the airport? I believe we will be flying into LGA. Is it better to use an uber or would it be better to use the ship's bus shuttle service? They charge more than an uber would cost, but if it's a lot easier, I'll just keep that. There are only 2 of us so not a big group.
  9. We are on the Escape in Nov, and we have free airfare to NY. They charged us $70 each for transfers from the airport to the ship, and back to the airport after the cruise. Would it be better for us to just call an Uber to take us to the ship? We have never flown for a cruise before, we always drive, but since the airfare was free we took that. We just don't have any experience with the ship's shuttles and we don't know how much of a hassle it is to use them vs. an Uber. I'm not sure what airport they will be flying us into, Newark, JFK, or LGA? Also, if we cancel the shuttle, is it hard to get an Uber after the cruise to take us back to the airport? There will only be the 2 of us, both adults.
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