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  1. Does anyone know how much the wrist bands are on the Seaside, and where would we get them? We are not Yacht club. I know there is a charge if you are not yacht club.
  2. Thanks for the rely. As long as we will be able to print our e tickets without them, I will not upload any.
  3. Do you really need to upload a picture? I filled in all our passport information, then it asked for a picture. Is it really necessary, or can't they just take it upon check in like all the other cruise lines? I've not had to do this on any other line. We are new to MSC. Thanks.
  4. romandog

    Dining Trio

    Can you purchase when you board and is it the same price? I have lots of shipboard credit. I am not a seafood lover, but it says if you don't eat seafood, tell your server and they can get you something else. Is this true?
  5. where do you stand to order a uber at FLL. Also need to get one from POM back to FLL. How does that work at the cruise terminal. How do they know where to pick you up?
  6. How much is it for the week?
  7. The Jolly Roger is great! Best cat n snorkel we have done. If you go with them you won't be disappointed.
  8. I started a roll call for my April 29, 2017 cruise, and it has disappeared. Is it because nobody had posted in it yet? I am a little confused as to why it has disappeared.
  9. Does anyone kow what status we would be if we are silver on NCL?
  10. Thank you everyone! Yes, we have early bird check in, so we could just print the other one at the kiosk at the airport, as I will not have internet on the ship.
  11. I would like to do luggage valet. We are flying Southwest, and have a 12:30 flight. We are allowed 2 bags a piece, but will only have 2 bags total. If we tell them that both bags are mine, and he just has a carry on, will we be just charged $20, and the big thing is, will they check us both in, or just the person with the bags? If anyone has done this, will you please let me know?
  12. Can you tell me what the menu was on the Serenade? We are sailing on her in April.
  13. We have the UDP, I know Margaritaville is now a la carte. What will we be charged if we go for lunch? I have seen posts where people have the UDP and they say it was free for them. Not a big deal, I was just wondering. If we want to go, and need to pay, no big deal, but I was just wondering what other people's experiences have been.
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