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  1. My friend and I will be on the PG next month and we are thinking about doing the excursion on Bora Bora called " Le Truck' just to get a view of the interior of Bora Bora too. We will be doing this on our 2nd day and also plan on going to the private Motu that same day because we sure don't want to miss that. BUT, I would hate to waste time doing the Le Truck if its not that great of an excursion and just head to the Motu for the day. Has anyone done this and if so please give your opinion on the excursion if you would please. Thanks in advance for your help.
  2. Hi Petoonya....I emailed you several months ago when we first booked our cruise and you were a wealth of knowledge. We've got some good independent tours booked. Just hope they don't cancel on us at the last minute due to not meeting their minimum of people booked.
  3. We are going to Society Islands and Tuamotu Islands and just looked at the CDC website and they recommend Hepatitis A and Typhoid shots. Just wondering if most people get these vaccines before going there. I also looked up what shots are advised for the Virgin Islands and they are basically the same. We have sailed all over the Caribbean probably 18 times now and I never even thought about getting vaccines before. I checked with my doctor and he said they don't give the shots you must go to an infectious disease doctor for these. Any advice would be helpful.
  4. WOW... Thanks... Last questions... Is the beach there good or is the water murky? Is it that way in Costa Maya because there is alot of sea grass everywhere?
  5. WOW... Thanks... Last questions... Is the beach there good or is the water murky? Is it that way in Costa Maya because there is alot of sea grass everywhere?
  6. Thanks for the info. You said that you have been other places on the Malecon, is there somewhere else that you would recommend or was this the best?
  7. We normally go to Nachi Cocum in Cozumel and doing that on this cruise as well but another stop that we have never been to is Costa Maya so I need some help with this one. I am reading the reviews here on CC and looks like Maya Chan wins hands down from all the reviews. Is it true that they offer taxi service included in the 59.00 price? Also, is it an all you can eat type of place as well? I did see Ibiza Sunset Beach break on Viator for 49.00 pp and wondered if anyone has tried that place as well. Is the food good or better at Maya Chan? Which club is nicer and why do you prefer one over the other. Any help is appreciated.
  8. GREAT to know about the lobster. Don't want to miss that night for sure. Thank heavens for Cruise Critic and to all that have replied to me.
  9. GREAT THANKS. I called RC right after I sent the last reply and the agent said that there wasn't a link to the menu...LOL Guess she missed that part of the training.
  10. Thanks to all that have replied. Is there a link to the menus for these restaurants anywhere. I looked on RC web site and couldn't find anything there.
  11. I've cruised with Captain Kate 3 times on the Summit and she is AMAZING.... So friendly and the ship had such a good vibe because of her. She always adds some humor in the morning announcements so you always leave the ship with a smile on your face. On our last cruise she had already left for the Equinox ( I think) and we sure missed her... Hopefully you can sail with her some day...
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