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  1. I applied last month for my April 4, 2021 sailing and got the $250 shipboard credited to my shipboard account after a week of requesting. Then that sailing was canceled and I rebooked for the same cruise for April 6, 2022 and requested the shipboard credit. I just received the email that I had to wait no later 15 days before the cruise, but as stated by others, no real dates to apply again. I wrote to them, and see if I get a response. I also attached the email that I received from them granting my shipboard credit for the April 2021 cruise. Will see what they say. I don't mind waiting,
  2. So sorry. Cruise was Apr. 1, 2020. Paid in full Dec. 28.
  3. I requested a refund to my credit card on March 20 and received on March 28. Much quicker than I would have guessed. I am grateful.
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