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  1. Thank you so much! You've certainly made us feel more secure. Our biggest worry is probably we Americans bringing it to Bermuda with us, but, hopefully, everyone will follow the rules and be safe. Have a nice evening.
  2. Thank you so much for all of your helpful information about Bermuda, Charles. I've really learned a lot from you through the years. Our trip in April was cancelled so we are hoping to fly there, also. We have made plans for the end of September. We will gladly go through all the procedures that are in place regarding the Corona Virus. Our biggest concern is coming down with it while in Bermuda. Do you know anything about their procedures as far as quarantines go, and also, the level of medical care we could expect should it be needed? Thank you again.
  3. Thank you so much. You're right. I should just call them.
  4. Does anyone know if the Fort Lauderdale Water Taxi will be running on Thanksgiving Day? Thanks!
  5. We think that the fish sandwich at Frog and Onion is very good, so that might be a good place to go since your husband likes pub food.
  6. Yes. I'm sure they would be happy to call for you. There may be a delay in a taxi responding though. One year when we were there, they couldn't get a taxi to come at all, but that was several years ago. There are many more people going to Clearwater now, so, hopefully, that won't be a problem for you.
  7. Gombey's is at Clearwater Beach so just ask the taxi driver to drop you off there. Nature Reserve is a short, easy walk up the road. Neither is hard to find.
  8. It's about 5 minutes or less from Clearwater Beach. Just walk down the road to the right as you look at the water. There's a sign there and a gate, but the gate is just to keep cars out so just walk around it.
  9. Clearwater is our favorite beach in Bermuda, mainly because you can walk to Cooper Island Reserve, breath-taking views and several smaller beaches with very few people. Food and drinks at Gombey's are great. If you go by taxi, you may want to ask him/her to come back to get you at a certain time.
  10. Thank you. Great advice. I'll try the rentalcars.com company. My husband and I are retired teachers so every penny counts!
  11. Thank you both so much. Good advice. Especially, thank you for the rental car codes. We're planning to drive down to the Keys, otherwise we would use the Uber as you suggested. Great idea otherwise and we'll probably do that on our next trip. Thanks again!
  12. We were planning to rent a car at the Fort Lauderdale airport and return it at the Miami airport, but the price difference to return it to a different location is huge. I thought that in Florida that wasn't the case. Am I missing something or just misinformed? Thank you so much for your help.
  13. Thank you, Charles. It looks as though the #6 bus isn't going to Clearwater Beach this year...or am I reading it wrong?
  14. I did mean Infinity...Guess I'm losing my mind!!! Thank you so much for correcting me so kindly, and for the information. I really appreciate both of your replies.
  15. We are leaving out of Fort Lauderdale this Saturday, Jan. 5, on the Summit. Does anyone know the approximate time that boarding will begin? I realize that this is just a guess as it can vary. Thank you so much!
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