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  1. Virgin Mary's, All the fancy frozen drinks.....pina colada, strawberry daquiri, mudslide etc. plus ginger beer, and sodas.
  2. Why not spend the 2 weeks in Great Britain or Europe instead for your birthday.
  3. But there is music on the pool deck., as well as all over the ship. Save your money.
  4. You only get the limited range, up to $15 per drink. The Haven does not give you an advantage to the drink package.
  5. I come from the city the original Billy Goat Tavern where John Belushi got the premise for the skit.
  6. Aren't they just a broker like Viator? If they are you can book the excursion directly from the VENDOR that offers the tour, not the 3rd party broker.
  7. Tour operators know that their reputation will be mud if they don't get you back to the ship on time. Often they are more flexible and can detour or work around known congestion or road hazards. I have not read any trip report on the European ports boards that anyone ever complained about missing the ship.
  8. There is no reduction on price if you wait until a few days after sail date. It is not pro-rated. I suggest if you aren't on a port intensive cruise to purchase prior, you will save a little money.
  9. You can use it against the cost of the shorex that you have booked. Anything you purchase on board from the shops. You can ask to get vouchers and give them out as ADDITIONAL tips (not Daily Service Charge) to your crew members.
  10. European cruise excursions are often better cheaper and less frustrating done privately rather than through Norwegian. Also be sure to join your roll call to perhaps jump on tours your sailing mates have put together. Smaller groups in a mini van with quicker access to sites. Also many ports you might be able to DIY on public transportation.
  11. You will have to pay whatever the 3rd person fare is now. If that perk is being offered as free you need to book as soon as possible, as there might not be lifeboat capacity available. You will be paying Port fees and taxes, but if he is a now show you will get the port fees back.
  12. Soda package is only Pepsi products, soda water, tonic water, and ginger ale. Virgin drinks will be paid out of pocket.
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