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  1. Get married at the court house before you leave Canada, then have a vow renewal ceremony with your friends officiating. OR get married in Miami (or what ever town you're sailing from) before boarding.
  2. Topsiders is the outside pool deck grill for hot dogs and hamburgers, not a charcoal grill, just a flat top. There is also the Great Outdoors at the back of the ship, small buffet items out there if too crowded in the Garden Cafe. No movies shown on the pool deck. No extra fee deck. Eat one meal in La Cucina ---- its a beautiful restaurant.
  3. Clamshells, if you don't get the mesh backed kind, just prop up the bottom of the cover to get some through breeze.
  4. You can also request ice service and use the melt to fill your bottle.
  5. ...or someone who'll just cough up money and let me travel!!
  6. Why not fly HAM - NYC by airplane. That way you can have a daytime flight and arrive late afternoon in New York. Plan your days for the area and then sail home on the QM2 into Hamburg. The day flight isn't as awful as the overnight flight, ich kenne diese Strecke und hasse die Ankunft in Europa.😴
  7. My great-uncle lived in the Lake District and I visited him several times. He was a fresh water naturalist and published books through F. Warne, the same publisher that Beatrix Potter used and he did a lot with Potter history. Anyways, the Lake District is the mecca for Potter fans and a shame that none of your stops really incorporate that into the visit. It is a loveley area. My Mom's best school friend lived in Chester and ran a B&B there, her house was right on the city wall. Chester is a neat city, lots of half-timbered houses. Very interesting and you're so close to Wales there. I hope you enjoy whatever you choose, both area offer something special.
  8. Good heavens! It's a closed loop cruise and you don't even need a passport!! As a U.S. citizen you can sail under a certified BIRTH CERTIFICATE and a Government Issued ID ...PERIOD. Expiration date doesn't apply.
  9. Your monetary recovery all depends on what your insurance policy covers. It is NCL's right to deny boarding, so you probably won't get anything from them.
  10. If you do just stay in the city, the national museum actually the REAL neolithic relics that were taken from anther site on the island. (These were then recreated and placed back into where they were taken from.) Its a nice little museum and we spent about an hour in there, then the co-cathedral is very interesting. Just walking around the town, some of the streets are fairly steep and have steps.
  11. Take the public bus, its cheap they run often and you can stay as long as you want in the Blue Grotto, then walk up the hill and in less than a mile you're at the neolithic ruins and you can spend time there and hop on the public bus back to Valetta.
  12. NCL no longer offers lobster, its been gone from the menus for a couple of years.
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