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  1. Sixt is common in Germany, as are Hertz and Avis.
  2. Did they fog the cabins before embarkation started? They might have been doing insect extermination.
  3. Go with price, Med cruises are port intensive so you need to schedule down or rest days. Which ports do you really really want to go to? How long are you in the ports that are important to you? These are things to consider, then look at price because the ship is basically a floating hotel and matters the least in your decision.
  4. Just finished packing for my Alaska 7 day. In the 20 inch suitcase: 1 pr capri 1 jeans 1 pajamas set 3 quick-dry underwear 2 - 20 oz Thermos insulated cups 2 - 11 inch folded cubes from the dollar store to put on closet shelves. 1 pr flat sandals 1 pr flip flops to use as slippers and pool shoes 3 long sleeved t-shirts 2 short sleeved shirts 1 thin rain jacket In my small carry on backpack: Bandaids etc. Socks (because I am waiting for a few pairs to dry yet so they didn't get in the suitcase) Sunglasses Camera/lenses Washbag for deo, toothbrush, etc. I just use the ship shampoo and soap Hairbrush/pontytail holders Magazines and a paperback book I will wear a pair of jeans on the plane so in essence I am bringing 2 pairs long pants and one short. That's it.
  5. Going Southbound next week!! I can't wait 😄 Just hoping the flight isn't full so we can get on standby.
  6. I don't think Carnival uses GSC as it is a privately owned island by Norwegian.
  7. regular cabins have seperable beds. Its usually in the suites that they can't be separate.
  8. You can grab cartons of milk from the buffet and put them in the stateroom fridge for when you need them and the buffet is closed.
  9. OP are you sure you are on the right forum? I know Carnival will charge for a name change BUT NCL DOES NOT If your husband is listed as passenger number 1, call and ask to have him moved to passenger number 2. Then ask to drop his name and add someone in his place. They do it all the time. You are still maintaining your original booking and then there are no fees for cancellation nor for name change.
  10. Probably JOY -- OP has been asking about other things on that ship
  11. Here's what I would do: Pre-pay the DSC (the daily service charge) you can do this under your MyNCL in your account online. This way you are already saving yourself the $15 per person per day charge to your on board account and you don't have to worry about covering that during the cruise. When checking in put down $400 per person and just watch your on board account every few days to see what the balance is IF the balance is getting low apply more cash, you can see how you are spending on board and adjust accordingly If you are getting down to your last few dollars, you're in Hawaii so you can just use an ATM on shore to get more cash. I would also bring smaller bills to tip bartenders and that will also come out of your cash flow.
  12. Is there an OxFam shop or other type of charity shop where you buy second hand?? You might be able to find something nice and save a lot of money, even if you need alterations it will come out far less than buying something new. I know several of our thrift shops have a wedding section, where you can get bridesmaid and mother of the bride dresses for almost nothing (usually around $30).
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