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  1. Allergy warning This post only applies to those who have an allergy to nuts and is offered as friendly advice about the limited choices you might experience. Oceania’s pastry chefs add nuts to almost every dessert recipe (as well as several appetizers and entrees that don’t usually contain nuts). We were told that the ship offers ice cream, fruit, or cheese plates to accommodate those with allergies. These items are easily obtained at home and seem unworthy of a line that strives to offer the best cuisine at sea. On a typical evening there might be four beautiful, creative desserts and ALL of them will be “off limits” to those with nut allergies. Oceania offers to provide the next day’s menu to those with allergies so that “safe” items can be selected. But, unfortunately, the substitute desserts with “no nuts” (usually one per meal) were bland, dry, and devoid of all flavor. We love Oceania but have reluctantly decided to book future cruises with a line that offers those with common allergies more options and more variety.
  2. I am on the Riveria right now. Fabulous service as always. However, it appears that the ship is overdue for a refurbishment. Many windows in Horizons (as well as in our veranda stateroom) have signs of “seal failure”. This causes the windows to be hazy or foggy. In the stateroom, several areas of wear and tear; for example, the shelf in the desk is broken, the shower head leaks from the side, and the closet sliding doors are loose and rattle all night long. It appears that at one time there was a light in the closet, but all that remains are dangling electrical cords. Other than the suites, does anybody know if there are definite plans to refresh public spaces and veranda staterooms?
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