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  1. Excited to see how your week goes - we'll be getting on Harmony next week when you get off! Have lots of fun!
  2. I had some truffles delivered to my FIL on our cruise a few years ago with no problems (he was footing the bill for the entire family) . I've also ordered wine and cheese to be in our storeroom when we leave on our next cruise in January. Hopefully there won't be a problem. Sent from my KFAPWI using Tapatalk
  3. We're 66 days out and I printed ours earlier this week. Sent from my KFAPWI using Tapatalk
  4. DH and I are going on our 2nd cruise in 121 days. RCI Navigator OTS out of Galveston. I've picked up lots of good information here that we'll definitely be using. One thing I wish I'd known on our first cruise in 2010 is if you choose early dining you'll miss all the sunsets. :( My FIL took DH and I, my BIL & SIL, so once I figured it out, I really hated missing dinner with them all. This time we've chosen MyTime Dining so we'll get to enjoy some from our balcony. I also want to stress getting to departure port a day ahead. On our previous cruise, we thought the five of us were at a large table in the MDR alone, but day three of our cruise we finally had two sisters join us. They missed the ship in San Juan and couldnt get on until the first stop due to flying in the day of departure. What a bummer it would be to miss that time on the ship! DH and I are driving to Galveston for our next cruise and even though it's only a four hour drive from home, we're still going the day before. You never know when you'll have car problems (or anything else) can happen. As everyone else said, it's the cheapest insurance you can get! We REALLY enjoyed having coffee and fruit and/or pastries delivered to our room every morning - and the wake up call is nice if you have somewhere to go. (We enjoyed a couple's massage the first port day.)
  5. tjdj

    Nachi Coccum

    DH and I are booked for Jan 23, 2015 (Navigator OTS). We're thinking of doing the scuba diving through Nachi Cocom and wonder if anyone else has done it. DH has been certified in the past but I never have. According to the information they send me via email, you don't have to be certified to do the short dive so this would be brand new to me. Wondering anyone's impressions who's done it. Thanks! Jyl
  6. 157 - can't wait!!!! Sent from my KFAPWI using Tapatalk
  7. the "Poo-poourri" intrigued me, so did some searching on Pinterest and here is a recipe to make your own: http://happymoneysaver.com/whats-smell-diy-poo-pourri-pennies/#comment-237337
  8. We just booked our cruise on NOS for January. Your pictures are excellent!!!! Thanks!!
  9. Here's ours - we scheduled a couple's massage the first port day when we were in Curaco last June, so we had breakfast delivered early. LOVED IT!
  10. DH and I had a couple's massage the first morning we were in port. (We had a coupon for 10% off on a port day.) It was my first massage ever and we really enjoyed it. We booked it for 8:00 am so we didn't miss anything and left the ship after we went back and showered. It was wonderful!!!!! If you booked through a TA, see if they can send you a coupon book, ours did.
  11. Here's one of Captain Karin pulling into port Directory in elevator Main Dining Room
  12. I didn't take too many of the actual ship during our cruise in June, but here's one of the ship in Dominicia: And in Curacao More pictures
  13. My Father-In-Law took me, my husband, his other son and his wife on a cruise in June. Last year was a bad one - FIL lost his wife and mother within two weeks, so this was a much needed break for us all. DH and I spent most of our time with FIL, so it was great bonding time! Dinner was our favorite time each night - the only time all five of us were together. I wish I had a picture of all of us, but here's a great one of BIL, FIL and DH. The only tip I would have has already been mentioned - don't think you all have to be together all the time. If you dine in the MDR, you can always catch up there. Also, I printed out a bunch of pictures (and labeled them) for FIL of our trip and mailed them to him a few weeks after the cruise - it was another way to say "Thanks for the trip" and he'll have them to look back at later on.
  14. Last I heard, Luggage Valet was not availabe in San Juan. At least that's what Guest Relations told me on the Serenade in June.
  15. Jane - what a great diary! We got OFF the Serenade on June 20. Had a wonderful time on our first cruise. We didin't do any excursions and only went to the beach in Aruba to snorkel for a little as the cruise was a gift from FIL - so we spent a lot of time with him. Aruba was by far our favorite island, but I took lots of pictures of Dominica, too. (Beautiful rainbow as we left port) I'm hoping to talk DH into doing a B2B someday - it looks like so much fun! Thanks so much for posting! Jyl
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