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  1. Has anyone tried to Chromecast onto the cabin smart tv? Wondering if the TV's are even connected via WiFi. Realize each ship will have different technologies, but just curious.
  2. Good to know, thanks for commenting.
  3. Wondering if they are having Ugly Sweater nights on sailings around Christmas?
  4. Can we carry our "carry on bottle", opened (in cabin), out and about to enjoy during the evening? Are these bottles labeled somehow?
  5. Bought a small wrest cuff monitor. Readings are compareable to bigger upper arm machine. Good to go! Sent from my KIW-L24 using Forums mobile app
  6. Has anyone used the infirmary to monitor their BP? Any cost? Recall their hours are very limited, so guessing it's not really a practical option. Hate to pack a cuff for just a couple readings. love, eat, cruise
  7. Stay at 4 Seasons (HAL booking), and wondering how the morning shuttle to the ship is handled. Specifically what time do we have to get bags down, and is there timely breakfast options locally? TIA love, eat, cruise
  8. We all love the bread pudding, but what else is your go-to, must have item... breakfast, lunch, entrees or deserts. love, eat, cruise
  9. If you mix colors in the bag, do they (HAL) launder them as one batch? Any risk of whites coming back pink? love, eat, cruise
  10. Just off Vista FH inside 2452. As this was a guarantee book, we feared being seniors in FH would be a problem. It was not. Kid around, yes, but beyond typical hallway noise, the cabin-cabin noise was zero. I think they improved soundproofing, at least in these room. The FH lounge was great. We could get coffee 24/7 and the easy access to the breakfast buffet & afternoon snacks saved us the turmoil of going up to Lido. Hostess and helpers were well equipped to handle the kids (and demanding parents). Observation that impressed me greatly was a young mother with a fussy newborn using the semi private area of the lounge to nurse and calm her baby. Hubby may have not realized how lucky he was, sleeping peacefully in the cabin. love, eat, cruise
  11. We're doing Keto and this cruise will be a test of our commitment. Have a idea that buffet will be our Go To place, but Anniversary dinner will be in steakhouse. love, eat, cruise
  12. Wonder how you thought the AC temperature was in the evening. My wife often thinks it's freezing in the showrooms and various lounges. Hot, cold or just right? BTW, loved your reports! We board next Sunday, so your input was very informative. love, eat, cruise
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