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  1. Strangest thing I take is my husband...but this October we are also bringing my Mum and she is very strange LOL
  2. really enjoyed your review...humorous, well written and informative :)
  3. I agree about the carpets..the Atrium one is hideous and the rest of them are not that great either...look like leftovers from the P and O ferries
  4. The deck plan for the Aurora is still the old one and they even have info about children,s pack in the accommodation section !
  5. Yay new TV@s best news thanks x
  6. I found it thank you....£232 return for 2 people eeeekkkkk...no thanks
  7. I live in Norwich and I have never found anything direct from here by coach...if anyone can find it I would love to be linked in as well please...hate that drive down and the train is just mental with prices and changes.
  8. Surely cleaning and turn down are 2 different things. I would welcome my cabin being thoroughly cleaned once a day in the morning but a quick sweep in the evening to pick up towels and and hand out Horizon would be great to retain. (also the ice bucket in the PM is a MUST LOL ), don't care about the manky chocolates either.
  9. You will probably want to do the Hermitage in St Petes but can I suggest if you like gardens you make a point of going to the Peterhof...MIND BLOWING gardens and fountains and house ( and you can take the hydrofoil back to the ship ) St Catherines palace is a MUST do imho as well 🙂 just enjoy it so much it is a wonderful fairytale city 🙂
  10. If you do anything in Athens please do the Parthenon...amazing if you like history. Also you can get dropped in central Athens for shopping and yummy souvlaki and it is a nice place to wander around.
  11. They would probably like the glasshouse or the beach house. Glass house is a bit more upmarket but still good prices (lovely steaks and nice tapas style dishes as well) Beach house also great for sizzling lava rock steaks and ribs..more American diner style.
  12. I always spray the air vent with a bit of dettol spray every night...seems to work ( I also wipe the remote control with anti bac wipes as that is the dirtiest thing in the room and I wipe the telephone and the door handles )
  13. I do enjoy when Captain comes on the tannoy and updates us about weather etc and gives a little joke or fun fact. I like when an officer is polite and says good morning / good evening whatever, if you bump into them in public areas. Apart form that I do not need anymore interaction than that. I bet Carnival are soon going to start charging for a an 'experience' meal with an officer LOL
  14. We have had some similar experiences as you, we sailed with Costa a few years back...hated it, although the Pacifica was a beautiful ship the whole thing felt too frantic, too crowded , too many languages ( the quizzes in 6 languages a real challenge ), front desk and officers too snooty and just not our cup of tea. We have also done some river cruising and loved it ( Nile, Rhine and Danube ) but it is so pricey in comparison to sea cruises. We have also sailed on Thomson years ago and Ventura 2016 Caribbean (fabulous IMHO ) We did Baltic on Celebrity 2014 and on Aurora last year...although Celebrity is a bit more swanky we preferred P and O for the Main dining room breakfast (really relaxing and just yummy every day )although the evening meal on Celebrity was very very good , the waiters on P and O are superb, can't do enough for you. The cabins are fine, not done inside though but did peek in passing by in the corridor as you do and they looked good . The entertainment is far superior on P and O in our opinion apart from in St Petersburg where celebrity brought on a Russian folklore group who were fantastic. The bonus of tea and coffee and biccies in the cabin cannot be underestimated on P and O LOL. The FREE laundry facilities ! Being allowed a bottle of wine or spirits each, other lines do not allow this at all. Aurora is not glitzy (well she might be after refit ) but she feels safe and comfy and like a lovely home after time ashore. I agree with other posters, try the yummy beach house and glasshouse. I think you will enjoy it immensely. The Baltic itinerary is spectacular.
  15. Got full refund ! Must give P and O credit where it is due..refund in full no fuss !
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