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  1. We were on AMASerena and AMADante. Both times had Cabin 330 and 332. The first night I heard engine noise but it was probably because it was a new noise to us. After that we didn't hear it at all.
  2. Well the book price for 2 people with a balcony upgrade says $10,000. Without any of the discounts AMA offers from time to time. I have lots of friends that paid the full price for their river cruise and we were able to get the cruise for $5000 for both of us, which was exactly 1/2 of the full price that others have paid.
  3. For anyone who is interested, I heard today that AMA Waterways will be discontinueing their 2 for 1 fares at the end of January 2019. There are still some available for this spring but it sounded like they will no longer be offering this option for river cruising. Not sure what they will offer in its place if anything but this year they did have an airfare credit offered with their special deals. Disappointing as it made river cruising so much more affordable.
  4. You will love the AmaSerena. Our first river cruise was on this ship. Touring depends on when you stop in the port. Sometimes you sail in the morning or sometimes its overnight. If you have a full day stop then yes, you can go out on the tours, morning or afternoon. We found that we had time in the ports on some days to go on a tour and then wander around on our own. You will get an Itinerary Guide with your package after full payment is made and it will give you the sailing times and the tour times. This will show you when the ship arrives in port. AmaWaterways is great to give you lots of time to have your meals on the ship and get ready for your tours. Wonderful cruise line, hope you enjoy it as much as we did.
  5. Yes it was that last evening before disembarking. Enjoy your cruise.
  6. hbr777 from my two experiences, it didn't matter what time of year we went, people dress way more casual for dinner than on ocean cruises. Your outfits you describe would be perfect for the Christmas market time of year for cruising. Men and women dress very casual for dinner except for the Captains Farewell dinner night which is a little more dressy. But not over the top. We always had plenty of time to change for dinner and the cocktail hour before dinner. The only time we didn't have time was if an excursion ran a little late.
  7. Have a great trip. We would love to hear your review when you return. This river cruise is on our bucket list.
  8. We dined at the Chef's table on our first river cruise in 2017 and this year, we decided not to go. We liked the experience but wouldn't want to do it on each cruise. Our original thought was the Chef prepared the food in front of you, but he put it together in a little area a short distance from the tables. We did enjoy the experience and the wine pairing was lovely.
  9. Beautiful pictures. You captured the cruise so well. I thought the Captain's duck collection was really cute. Did people go in the pool much on your cruise. It was too cold and wet when we went last year on this ship in April. Glad you had a great trip.
  10. Yes. The time may change on certain days depending on when the tours come back to the ship and adjusted supper times.
  11. Yes, your agent at AMA should be able to tell you how much the gratuties are. Ours were $163 per person for a 7 night cruise. He should be able to add this directly to your balance owing.
  12. We have prepaid our gratuties up front, as part of the cruise fare. The staff know that you have prepaid. We also like to tip a little bit more throughout the cruise to certain people that serve everyone so well. Like our wine stewart, the bar tenders, etc. We have checked out the additional special excursions and there is no additional cost. All in all, river cruising does not nickle and dime you like ocean cruising does. We usually walk away with a bill at the end of the cruise that is less than $100. The sip and sail is a great addition to the cruise before dinner. Lovely drink menu or drink of the day and beer and wine included with lunch and dinner. Hope this helps.
  13. 2zhaus, what information would you like to know. We have been on two AMA river cruises last two years and loved it. If I can be of assistance, let me know and I will gladly pass on any information on your questions that I can assist you with. Best way to travel ever. After 14 or so ocean cruises we are hooked on river cruising.
  14. For some reason on our last river cruise in May, the Maitre'd was asking people each day if they wanted to sign up at the Chef's Table. The attendance was low on this particular cruise for the Chef's table.
  15. I should have specified that I was on the AMASerena and AMADante, and we had the storage under the beds four luggage. I assumed that the AMACello would have the same size storage space. On the two ships we were on, there was only one pull out storage area, the rest was free space. Sorry if I passed on the wrong information.
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