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  1. Probably already been pointed out, but I've read that the incident was supposed to have broken out as a result of fancy dress being worn on a black tie night. The last night of any cruise I have been on does not have black tie dress code. Very sensationalist stuff which will pander to those with pre-conceived ideas on cruise clientele.
  2. Once on board you were encouraged to explore the ship or go to the buffet for brunch. Or in my case crash out in one of the comfy clam shell chairs the aft sun deck. It was quite a trek getting off the plane at DXB and eventually picking up your luggage which you must do as presumably it will be a scheduled flight. Once out of the terminal you will quickly be ushered onto a coach which will take you and your luggage to the vessel. Your luggage will be taken direct to your cabin.
  3. Although I flew from Birmingham, from what I experienced just this last week, it would appear all flights to Dubai, including Heathrow are overnight. The embarkation/disembarkation is all set up accepting flights arriving in the morning in Dubai from 0930 onwards. Rooms were all available for occupation from midday. For the record, flight time joining the ship seemed to be around 6hrs 30 mins, at least the Birmingham flight was, with the homeward journey taking an extra hour.
  4. My experience of three trips on Britannia is that the steam room is an abject failure. Intermittent and sporadic operation at best. Do not build your hopes up for the steam room, the Spa staff run a mile when you report that the facility is not functioning.
  5. It was indeed a full P&O charter.
  6. My recent experience of flying Tui rather than Thomas Cook to and from the Caribbean, was that there was a complimentary bar service throughout the flights, and not just around meal times. A really pleasant change from TC.
  7. I have done a Costa Emirates cruise and found that as with any other destination worldwide, there were ample other options once ashore. If not on select, then in Dubai at least, a short walk will get you to a busy taxi rank to take you wherever you wish, in particular to the Creek. I'm not altogether certain with the current Oceana itinerary, but I don't think Muscat is the port of call for Oman, as the bazaar and market are a short stroll from the dock gates.
  8. And then we have Mykanos! You would have thought a Greek island in late June would have idyllic weather, after all you are only there for 8 hours or so. Mykanos will forever be remembered for the cold, rainy, squally conditions that met us last year. We left the Oceana gangway and were met by those awful conditions, so turned immediately to our left and went back onboard to the shelter of the vessel. Who would have thought it?
  9. I can only voucher for flights from Birmingham and it's the Dreamliner they use.
  10. Flying TUI from Birmingham to Barbados in December in economy was a pleasant surprise. The Dreamliner afforded ample leg room for this six footer. The in flight entertainment was adequate when I wasn't reading a book. The biggest shock to me was the complimentary bar service throughout the flight. In the past I have opted for Premium seating but that started becoming prohibitive price wise. So if you asked me would I pay Premium on TUI on balance I would say no and put the cost to better use.
  11. When the auto tip was introduced, I went along with the concept in as much that as far as I was concerned, the cabin steward and your MDR table stewards were rewarded direct from the company and not from the person themselves. So the status quo was maintained. With the increase in popularity of freedom dining, you would rarely get the same set of waiting staff, so the "bond" if you can call it that, with the dining room staff over the length of the cruise is no longer there, and it was this "bond" that was the basis of the reward. Now that is no longer appropriate, for the first time now, I am wavering towards cancelling the auto tip and just rewarding the cabin steward direct in cash. I always understood that the bar and waiting staff were taken care of within the price of the drinks so my removal of auto tipping should not affect them. Maybe I have lived in Yorkshire too long now, but I feel for my next cruise in a few weeks I will join the queue of shame at reception at the commencement of the cruise.
  12. My experiences with the Beach House venues on Azura, Ventura, Britannia and Oceana, sadly not Aurora, have generally been very positive. My last experience was marred somewhat by the presence of a large family group consisting adults and children age range 4 to 8 years. Put simply the parents were at one end of the table arrangement and the youngsters at the other and the youngsters became unruly. Myself and my wife were not the only patrons a bit put out by this and the change in atmosphere from a less intrusive experience to more like the buffet at peak time. I mentioned about maybe introducing a minimum age requirement when asked for feedback, but do not know if this is being considered.
  13. A couple of things about this topic. Firstly our first flight in the Dreamliner and it was a good experience. The flight itself and the fact that TUI operating it ensured complimentary drinks service throughout. I will travel to Birmingham from now on to fly TUI if that is an option rather than Manchester and TC. Ten minutes to port from airport is going some! Our experience was nose to tail traffic the complete journey taking best part of an hour, that was after being kept on aircraft for 45 minutes due to lack of coaches having been caught in the heavy traffic just mentioned. Going back to the Dreamliner. Seven hours that's all it took Barbados to Birmingham. Not bad at all.
  14. Correct about there being no delay when returning to ship. I suppose i should count myself fortunate that on the one occasion I did buy some tax free spirits and fully expecting them to be retained, i sailed through without any confiscation.
  15. That's certainly been my experience when buying duty free on board, and if I'm honest, there can be good offers available. I'm curious as to how much of an effect this declaring and subsequent retaining of alcohol being brought back on board will be having on the queues to get back on board. I can't remember exactly if the policy was in place on my last cruise, as there didn't seem to be too much bother getting aboard then.
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