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  1. Does anyone know if March Madness games will be available on Princess ships?
  2. My apologies to the board "police." I missed those responses. Thank you to those that replied.
  3. Can anyone give an update on Princess Cays? Are there still problems with no ice, no running water, etc.?
  4. Does anyone have anymore updates on Princess Cays? How is the food and is there ice for drinks, running water, etc.?
  5. We really enjoy the Lido deck cabins to be near the pool, HC, etc. and choose our cabin there. We have been offered an upgrade before for a "small" fee, but it does not feel like an upgrade if you may move to another part of the ship that you do not care for.
  6. Thank you. Any updates will be appreciated!
  7. Does anyone have an update on Princess Cay? We will be sailing in a few weeks. After reading threads about no electricity, no running water, hot drinks and cold food, we are hesitant about getting off the ship.
  8. How is the music by the pool? Is there live music or DJ during the day?
  9. How does the gel polish hold up on a cruise if you're in the pool now and then? I did the powder for several years. I am in the process of letting my nails rest for a while but thought about getting gel polish for an upcoming cruise.
  10. I was able to complete our information on the app and received confirmation. Medallions should arrive March 3. 😀
  11. We are sailing on the Regal March 17. Does anyone have experience with boarding without using the Ocean Ready App? Does it add extra time checking in at the port? I was told by a Princess representative that if you did not have the app set up on your phone before boarding, you would have to spend time at the port doing so. She stated that you must set up your profile on your phone to use the medallions. Is this true?
  12. I have noticed this on the Norwegian advertisements too. They advertise free options and they are listed as free, but when you add them to the cruise, the price goes up!
  13. I have read several conflicting posts on the Medallion. We are sailing on the Regal on March 17 and wonder if it is worth it to go through the app or just pick the medallions up at the port. I have read that having them does not save time and also read that you can by pass the regular check in line if you have them. We are Elite passengers so I'm confused on whether or not it is better to have the medallions before boarding.
  14. Last year on a 10 day Caribbean cruise, we were allowed to take 2 twelve packs of Diet Coke on board. We had luggage tags on them and they were delivered to our cabin. Is this still allowed?
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