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  1. Will be booking a cruise on the Carnival Conquest soon. Choosing an Oceanview cabin. One of the 2 available in the middle section is across from the elevators. Will this be a noisy cabin?
  2. There is no gratuity added with the soda card. It is actually a sticker that they put on your sign and sail card. I only had to flash my card at the bartender to get a soda, and they never took down my information to be able to charge a gratuity to my S&S account.
  3. John Heald said on Facebook that the number of F2F passes sold per cruise would depend on how many platinum and above guests were on the cruise. So if a lot of them were on a cruise, less F2F would be sold and more if not many platinum and above were on the cruise.
  4. You can also order custom made calzones at the pizza place.
  5. I have had no experience with monkeys, but I have read a couple of times on CC threads about people who had been bitten or attacked by monkeys while in ports. You may want to do a search to find out.
  6. We don't drink wine and I still thought it was worth the money. It is an experience I will never forget.
  7. Tote bags, magnets, shells and things made out of shells, and hot pads for the kitchen. I hang them on the cabinet knobs.
  8. You can ask them and they will prepare a vegetarian entree for her at the steakhouse.
  9. What are coffee sleeves?
  10. When you go the excursion desk to pick out your cabana (I would go right after boarding) they also ask you for the shoe size of each person in the cabana (for the swim fins) and what type of soda each person would like. So if one person in your party goes to the excursion desk, make sure they have this information.
  11. The virgin frozen drinks are not included in the soda card.
  12. mlyn

    Conch Fritters

    I had conch fritters and cracked conch from a booth in the welcome center. They were very good and not expensive. There are also some benches in there where you can sit down if you want.
  13. We were issued colored dot stickers during debarkation on the Fascination last year. We were in a suite so we had priority deparkation. We all met in one of the lounges and they gave us the colored dots for everyone in our party in there. Then when it was time they walked us off the ship.
  14. You can ask your room steward for a sharps container. Also, for at home, you can buy a sharps container at a drugstore.
  15. Not true. They are the same.
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