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  1. Hi there, sorry but forgive my ignorance but in Concierge class rooms you are still paying for liquor in the minibar correct? Even with the drink package?
  2. I think they really need to re-think this. They serve 4oz lobster tails and are surprised people wants a second? Get real.
  3. Today I received an email from my HAL personal cruise consultant and I responded letting her know I do not support this trial and I will not be booking another HAL cruise until I learn that it has been discontinued. I’m interested to see if she responds.
  4. Roz you missed the meaning of that post entirely..... read earlier comments in this thread.
  5. Please lets keep on topic not discussing dietary/ green preferences. meanwhile, the idea of smaller entrees and a surcharge for multiples is quite concerning!
  6. https://www.hollandamerica.com/blog/topics/arts-entertainment/2019-food-beverage-aficionado-cruises-feature-culinary-council-and-master-mixologist/
  7. Ugh, the sarcasm from most of you on these boards is ridiculous anymore! I’ve read the other post, not all 43 pages because it’s gone off topic and in so many tangents it doesn’t really answer my question. A few sailings prior to February say they’ve experienced this MDR surcharge. There has been no identification if it was on a Specialty dining cruise or normal HAL sailing. I was hoping for something more current and detailed not people’s opinions on obesity or dining room manners/attire but you all rather be arrogant and nasty in your responses.
  8. Has this concept been rolled out Fleetwide? Are they trying to get more people to dine in the buffet? If you have actually experienced this on a normal HAL ship please respond. Culinary specialty cruises it’s understandable but extra charges on normal entrees in MDR is the question at hand????
  9. Except when you can’t get into the hallway because doors are locked
  10. We arrived about 10:15-10:30 on a 4 Nighr spring break cruise on the Liberty. There was no wait in line for early/late boarding, the only difference is they get a zone and we waited in a non-checked priority section which took minutes to process. Agents weren’t even checking your boarding paperwork as they called thru Wedding parties, Platinum, Suite, FTTF categories of boarding. Secondly once aboard the hallway doors to cabins were locked with signs saying no stateroom entry until 1:30pm and no staff to assist. Luckily at one of the elevator entries I found a regular door giving entry to the stateroom hallway and myself and about 5 others took it. Again no one was around to assist or question us. IMHO it wasn’t organized enough or worth the fee.
  11. Summit in Freeport drydock 3/13/19
  12. Well considering this is the CCL board I tried to mention the things I’ve taken notice of on their line. I believe I did give a blanket acknowledgement to changes brought on by many lines. I can also say that I’ve never seen entire YouTube videos featuring passengers eating Guys burgers over and over and over and over and over and over and over for lunches and dinners. Each to his own but IMHO I feel these people have been convinced that is what they should be eating because they are aboard a Carnival cruise ship. Side note, I have not actively searched for YouTube videos for any cruise line pushing burgers but looking through some videos on the ship I’ll be sailing soon I noticed a recurring theme.
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