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  1. It could be because perhaps they use other kinds of tea etc. I am a tea drinker and on the discovery in the coffee port they used tea pig tea which I enjoy but only use occasionally. I could not get this in the bar area although all the other tea was really nice. My husband likes his chocolate and in his opinion it had more taste in the coffee port but most probably others think differently. I must say I tried one of the strawberry cake affairs and thought it was going to be a little cake when it came out it was like a meal. I can't remember the name of it but it's certainly on my wish list for the next time. mollythedolly
  2. We did the premium upgrade on Discovery but we had to pay if we wanted a cake in the coffee port but imo they were delicious. Enjoy. mollythedolly
  3. Thank you all for your comments and thank you so,ton saint for the information. Can't wait to go. Mollythedolly
  4. HI So,to saint thanks for replying. We will be arriving by taxi so we will just be dropped off with cases. Did not know if there was a drop off area and if porters then collected cases. As we have never gone from a home port before we are looking forward to the new experience and not having to fly. Thank you for any information you may be able to give. Mollythedolly:)
  5. Hi everybody, wondered if anyone could help. I know sailing from Southampton is new but does anyone know what the procedure will be for depositing suitcases on arrival at Southampton dock, do Marella send cabin stickers and information in the post so suitcases can be marked before they are taken to the ship or are you given it at the port and then mark your case, as we have done in the past when leaving from Palma.:confused: Thank you for any information regarding this. Mollythedolly
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