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  1. I am on the Celebrity Millennium. We departed Tokyo on October 2 for a 10 day sailing. Weather has been fabulous except for one rough night. My balcony door blew off its tracks with high winds. Our itinerary was changed. When we were in Aomori it was announced that the port of Yokohama has been closed. We were supposed to dock there today. Instead we went back south on the Sea of Japan instead of taking the Pacific route to Yokohama. The cruise has been extended by two days and will arrive in Yokohama on Monday, October 14 instead of Saturday, October 12. The port of Nagasaki has been added for today. We are arriving at 130pm. Many passengers disembarking there. Weather should be sunny and mid 80s. It is 520am as I write this and it is balmy outside. Very calm seas. Celebrity has done an amazing job on all fronts! Very impressed in general with the Millennium and staff. A++. This is coming from a perspective of being a Silversea and Seabourn lover. Many aspects of this cruise are not only on par, but superior to true "luxury" lines. Keep in mind even though Millennium has been "Revolutionized" it is the oldest ship in the fleet. To be able to provide this level of service all around is impressive. As a disclaimer, I am speaking as a suite passenger.
  2. Excited Cruise Traveler: That's wonderful that you had a great experience. My party is very polite and respectful. I'm just reporting our subjective experience. Rude passengers definitely do exist. I still stand by the majority of the staff being indifferent and often flat out rude. I will add that I had an opportunity to chat with the hotel manager who expressed his own disappointment in his company's hiring practices and stated that he had been with the line for 8 years and quality has gone down substantially with the staff. It's a frustrating situation for him as he is a total professional committed to perfection, quality and guest satisfaction. He has little to no control over hiring. Check out my review which has posted.
  3. Cabin category was PH2. Review should be posting. I will warn you if sailing on Sirena not to expect a happy and dynamic crew. The crew seems absolutely miserable. The cruise directory makes his quick appearances and then disappears from the public eye quickly. Something is broken with management on this ship. Definitely not a cohesive or friendly crew. There were many times that my group felt (this was universal) that we were inconveniencing the crew by being on board. Mega management failure for such a beautiful ship. We still will likely consider Oceania in the future, but with tempered expectations. As a last note, we have experienced the indifference and at times rudeness of the crew on other Oceania ships as well. VERY inconsistent.
  4. Please enjoy the photos. They are attached and there is a link below to access them. I have also written a review under "reviews". Here is the link: https://photos.app.goo.gl/kM9fPEaxuju9ewMx9
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