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  1. 11am flights would be safe. I wouldn't risk anything earlier than 10am. I have been on a cruise where customs delayed disembarkation until 8:30am.
  2. Carnival has been increasingly lowering the perks to loyal cruisers, so that doesn't surprise me. There should always be the past guest "deal" of a "free 2 cabin upgrade" (that costs more and doesn't seem free to me.) The casino offer likely varies with how much money you gamble in the casino since they partially track that now. However, if you are seeing no "deals" at all, I would guess there is a glitch or bug in the online system.
  3. Like Philly said, there is no longer a book on board option; you get an email after the trip with the offer. From my cruise in January, it came with $50obc. If you see something good now, you can book it and apply the "just sailed" offer to the existing booking later.
  4. I'm curious, specifically which ships of the fantasy class are listed for sale? I've figured for years that Carnival must be considering selling those ships, as they are are at the general 25-30 year old age range which is considered the end of the usefull age of ocean-going ships. I do find it odd though if they are selling the ships...I seem to recall Carnival very recently spending millions on upgrading the Fantasy and a couple of the other old ships.
  5. Good luck with it. Carnival has changed the requirements to get to the next level once if not twice since 2009 when I started cruising, and they took away some benefits from the lower tiers. I have earned and lost the past guest party 3 times with Carnival. After the final time, I decided Carnival did not value my business and I went on several other cruise lines. Don't be surprised if the number of days required changes again for the negative, and the benefits as well.
  6. Absolutely call. Call again if it drops again.
  7. Mine used to call me all the time. Anytime I went on the Carnival website and looked at cruises, withing 48 hours I would have a call. It got to be very annoying.
  8. Carnival clearly has no say in the new restriction. I can understand how disappointing this is for people wanting to visit Cuba since they haven't been able to until recently. While the new restriction is disappointing and frustrating to travelers, Carnival didn't have to offer any compensation. The $100obc seem more generous than usual for events that occur beyond Carnival's control. The other options seem fair to me as well...potentially disappointing and frustrating to some, but fair. Carnival, I applaud you for handling this in a swift and classy manner.
  9. Hotel Miramar. It's not "cheap," but it may be cheaper than you want (I'm guessing since you are willing to spend near $500.) I used it about 5 or 6 years ago and had no problems...it was about $130 for the room. The room was oddly shaped and slightly small, but I wouldn't consider it to be bad. It has some restaurants nearby, a grocery store is also close, and it has a stop for the tourist taxi on the same block.
  10. I just had my CPAP on the Magic this year. It should not be a problem bringing the water onboard, especially if its sealed and has the manufacturer label on it. I did have to fly and did not bring distilled water with me; I had planned on buying a gallon from a local grocery store...but they were out. So consider this, all the drinking water on board is distilled anyway, so it should be fine using the ship's tap water. Otherwise you can purchase distilled water onboard as mentioned in the previous post, but it will cost more. I also bring my own extension cord and put it in either the CPAP bag or my carryon luggage and never had a problem with it.
  11. Looking for transportation options from Port Everglades to FLL. I'm hoping to avoid paying $17 per person for Carnival to bus us over. Also hoping to avoid companies like Uber or Lyft. I would prefer some sort of shared shuttle service? Any ideas? I've checked QLS and GO Airport Shuttle, and neither of those options are cheaper.
  12. Any pics of menus for the restaurants along the beach? I'm looking for the ones on the beach from where you can see the cruise ships docks.
  13. I'd say they started phasing them out about 6-7 years ago. As I recall, cigar bars were growing in popularity in the early 2000's and Carnival jumped on that trend. And then the popularity began to pull back. Since I started cruising about 10 years ago, I never recall the cigar bars being busy at all. The cruise lines want to make money, and from that point, those cigar bar areas can be transformed into more profitable areas. I liked those cigar bars myself, as they had great ventilation to suck up all the smoke. And they were a great place to smoke them (since there are so few other areas to smoke cigars. But if it means Carnival makes more money and the price of the cruise stays lower, I'm ok with them going away.
  14. I pack my cord in my carry-on (i think mine is 6ft.) I've never had an issue that I can recall. The other post here is a good idea too. If it's packed in the machine's bag I would be shocked if the cruise line has any problems with it. I have seen those surge protectors that turn one plug into 6 be confiscated.
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