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  1. I'm booked in September as well. I'm traveling with my mother who is in her late seventies and an aunt who is in her early seventies. I'm not concerned at all. We have 6 months. So much can happen between now and then. I think if it is still an issue by then, we will have no choice in the matter.
  2. Cruised out of Port Everglades this past October. There were four of us, but we had 2 cabins. I had all four bottles of wine and one 12-pk of soda in my carry on. 2 of us went thru security together, the other 2 were in a different line. No one questioned my 4 bottles of wine nor did they ask for me to open my carry on to review it or the soda. Now I'm aware this isn't always the case as I've been on many cruises, but this was my most recent experience.
  3. We were on the Magic this past October. Same itinerary. It's amazing that your observations are mine as well. Embarkation was extremely easy. Fast and efficient. I had 4 bottles of wine in my carry on luggage and not one question about it. Service at the bars for the entire weak was SLOW SLOW SLOW. No fault of the crew, there just wasn't enough of them. Getting a server to take a drink order outside of the bar was non-existent. It didn't effect my trip in any way whatsoever. But having five CCL cruises and one RCI cruise under my belt, I'd never had this experience before. Typically you can sit and listen to the band and someone will come along and take your drink order. Not on the Magic. Overall, one of my favorite ships so far. In fact, we are scheduled for her sister ship, the Breeze, in September.
  4. I would say you probably have enough time. The only thing that concerns me is that it is an international flight. Like you, I'm not sure what the time allowance is necessary there. We used a car service, and for the life of me I can't remember the name, that took us from the airport to port, and back from port to airport. Same driver and he texted us his location and ETA multiple times the morning of disembarkation. If I can find the name, I will get back with those details.
  5. I agree. I did not like the theater set up on Vista. I too prefer Dream class ships.
  6. I agree. I did not like the theater set up on Vista. I too prefer Dream class ships.
  7. I have cruised Spirit, Conquest, Glory, Vista and Magic. My favorite was the Magic. (I'm in my 50s) Planning a cruise this fall on Breeze (sister ship to Magic). I cannot wait.
  8. Vista was too big for us. I got turned around on the Magic at times, but overall loved the size. Lido was busy. Not gonna lie. But nowhere as busy as on the Vista. I can’t wait to sail her again. You will enjoy her!
  9. After cruising RCI last year, we went back to Carnival with a cruise on the Magic to St Maarten, St Kitts, San Juan and Grand Turk. After having cruised Spirit, Conquest, Glory, Vista and RCI Adventure, I think the Magic is my new favorite ship. While I won’t write a full review, I will say we enjoyed the size and layout of the ship. Guys burgers and bar-be-que did not disappoint. The other food was just ok. Not real good, not bad. We noticed that personal service has slacked a bit in the 2 years since we’d sailed Carnival. While it did not in any way negatively affect our enjoyment of the cruise, basically if you wanted a drink you were going to stand at the bar for it. Wait service in Ocean Plaza, Red Frog Pub, and atrium was non existent. Also a noticeable lack of personal service with our room attendant. Poor Patrick just seemed to have so many cabins to take care of, we just left him to his duties and tried not to put anything additional on him. He gets an A+ for keeping us clean and stocked with ice. Overall a great cruise. We enjoyed the ship and the itinerary. Happy to be back to Carnival but will sail RCI on occasion depending on itinerary.
  10. Will be sailing the Magic in less than 10 days. I can't wait. I don't care about rust or if the carpets are sworn. As long as the ship is clean and odor free, I'm a happy cruiser!
  11. In both Curacao and Aruba, we paid the taxi driver to take us to the beach, pick us up at an appointed time, and give us a trou of the island. It was great. In La Romana, we did the Rui all inclusive day pass. Food blah. Swim up bar and beach were great. GT - Margaritaville!!!
  12. Thank you. We are booked with Bernard's Tours!
  13. Sorry! Posted on wrong forum. I should have posted on St. Marteen forum!
  14. Has anyone used Bernard's Tours for the Fabulous French and Dutch Sightseeing Tour? If so, would you recommend it? Also, I've tried to book it via the website. But instead of letting me book the tour, it gives me a "write a review" page.
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