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  1. I have so enjoyed your review and pictures. We were on the same cruise and it was like doing it all over again. I even saw two of our group in one of your pictures. We had a great trip and the staff was so friendly.
  2. We just got off the Dawn 4 days ago and had a wonderful time. Roel Gonzales was as good a concierge as we have ever had. The ship was in good condition and food was great in every venue we tried. We didn't make any dinner reservations or shore excursion reservations until we got on board. We were able to do everything we wanted, including 18 of us eating together at Teppanyaki. If you are a planner there is no need to wait but we usually end up changing dinner reservations if we have booked them in advance. We didn't have great luck with request sent to the pre-cruise concierge but never do so that doesn't upset us. We are just always kind of curious to see if it may start working some day. I hope you enjoy your time on The Dawn as much as we did.
  3. We have been in all of the GV's and never had an issue with outside noise. Noise can be an issue on the Dawn and Star with the shared wall. We had children in the villa beside us once that enjoyed "playing" the piano a lot. We will be on the Dawn this coming Sunday and traveling with a 10 month old and 6 month old twins. We have both villa's. Otherwise I would pity our neighbors. All in all they are amazing and will provide you with a wonderful experience.
  4. I don't think we could see directly in front of us. We kept the TV on all day and it was the camera with views of the front. We did go down there once and came right back up to the room. The process takes several hours and we did get out and view it from several areas but always decided the best views and most comfortable place was our deck. At times we were close enough and talked to the workers on the dock.
  5. The square footage of the interior of the Gem and Dawn are about the same but overall the Dawn is about 1500 - 2000 square feet larger than the Gem.
  6. We have done the Panama Canal in a GV but not on the Dawn or Star. We have traveled in the GV on the Dawn and The Star. They would be amazing going through the canal. Go for it.
  7. The Dawn and The Star are the only two that have the galley. We prefer those. We clutter up a bar and that way it's out of sight.
  8. I've brought fudge back a lot! And at one of the stops in Alaska there is a little kiosk outside one of the stores that I always buy kettle corn and bring back. We have never had any trouble bringing food back on.
  9. We travel with groups a lot and never check in together. We usually all get there at the same time and finish at about the same time. Having one person checking in everyone would take a lot longer I would think.
  10. Somebody has already mentioned it but I love the cheese bread from Moderno.
  11. I have booked many groups with NCL and currently have a small group of 10 cabins booked. There group program actually changed recently and you now only need 5 rooms in your group to get the 1 free fare. I am getting two free fares for the 10 rooms. Under the program you probably booked under the required #of rooms was 7. It looks to me like you should get the free cruise fare without bringing the other 2 rooms in. They will just miss out on the perks that go with rooms in the group.
  12. Is it possible you have a birthday before the cruise? It always post our age at time of cruising and sometime that is not the same age we are when we book.
  13. We got the email today also. We aren't sailing until next March so note sure what generated it. My son also got one. We aren't sailing with children and he's sailing with 10 month twins so the slide didn't upset either one of us. Our experience had been it never really worked that great. We would watch people on it and they seemed to get stuck as much as they slid. But we enjoyed watching them.
  14. I would bid the maximum you would be comfortable paying but realizing your chances of getting it are very, very, very low. The Haven is showing sold out for that cruise. There is probably more than one person sailing in that room so in order for it to become available everyone in the room would have to cancel their cruise.
  15. To lighten the mood of the thread, although I am in agreement, this is a matter that needs to be dealt with promptly, I will share my experience of being a rule breaker with a toddler in the Haven. Last summer we had just taken off on the Getaway and I had my 4 year old great niece playing in the small pool in the Haven. She was jumping in which I now know is not allowed. Anyway while she was jumping, John the butler came out and called me by name and said, "Mrs. @@@@ she can't jump into the pool." She was on the edge and looked at him so proudly and said "Yes I can, watch me". And she did the highest jump she possibly could and immediately looked at him to make sure he had seen how well she could jump into the pool. John and I looked at each other and both started laughing, realizing she had thought he meant she didn't have the ability to jump into the pool. I immediately made her get out and explained to her it was against the rules and that was what John had meant. And she didn't jump again. She and John were great friends the rest of the trip. I did later see the sign that said no jumping. I hadn't intentionally broken the rules.
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