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  1. Ouch, I did not know the water park cabanas shot up to that. I knew the Over the Water ones were high, but glad I got it when I did. No way I would pay that now.
  2. We were there in September and purchased a cabana in the water park. Water park tickets were $99/each for five of us and the cabana was $599 so for essentially $100 more we had the park passes and the cabana. We had a great time. I do not think I would do it again unless I brought different nieces and nephews, but sure glad we did it once. Yes the price is ridiculous, but nobody made me buy it 🙂
  3. Thank you for the info, ouch on the price. Sounds like it is worth a shot.
  4. Frank, let me know how the Yacht Club is. I have heard good things about it, but your experience will be helpful. We booked the sky suite on Edge in April so we'll see how that goes.
  5. Thanks George. I appreciate the info. Have you tried one on the Edge?
  6. No trouble, glad to help. Hopefully someone who has done a Private Journey will chime in.
  7. Royal does have a Private Journeys program that is available to anyone willing to pay for it, but as far as setting up an excursion not officially available via Royal, I doubt the Genie would do that. We never asked our Genies so I cannot say for certain, but I am sure they can help with the Private Journeys program.
  8. Star is great, but they have raised the prices to beyond the value for me. We do enjoy the Crown Lofts and are debating one vs. a Sky Suite on the Celebrity Edge in the next couple of months. You will really enjoy the CL.
  9. If you are going to spend the money, check on a Crown Loft. You can get 2 adults and 2 kids pretty easily and 4 adults if they are close :).
  10. The water park is a lot of fun. When we did it it was around $80/pp so we got a cabana for the five of us for $599 as it included water park passes and gave us a nice place to spend the day. Was it worth it? Probably, but if I could get passes for $60 or so, then definitely.
  11. We were in a 2BR Aqua Theater Suite on Symphony. I believe we were on deck 10 and while there was noise during shows and such, it was never a bother. We chose it because it was the only star suite available when we booked that could accommodate 5 of us. I would not have gone with 1 BR over a CLS and would have taken a 17th floor star room if one was available that could take 5. We love 17 and its proximity to the SL, the pools and the WJ. The fit and finish in the CLS are better than the AQS as well, plus the high ceilings and double wide hallways on 17 are great. It can be a looong walk to the back as well. No wrong answer as both are solid choices. Have a great trip.
  12. There were no additional Star Class perks at Coco Cay when we were there in September. We had a cabana by the wave pool and it worked well for us, but I do not have any experience with other locations. For some reason Captain Jack's was an additional charge even for Star Class, but we did not eat there. You can be some of the first passengers off the ship which helped as the lines for the slides can get long so hitting them first was a good idea.
  13. We got a cabana in the water park for $629 but it included passes for 5 of us so the extra $150 or so was worth it. Some of the others that do not include passes are far more expensive so I would pass, but others have certainly enjoyed them.
  14. It is not offered on Symphony. Just off her last Saturday.
  15. Thank you. I appreciate the info. I will give it a shot if I do not hear anything by tomorrow.
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