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  1. That is the Norm. If you book via a TA then your TA deals with your problem. Never known anything different.
  2. It could move to a display case elsewhere on the ship
  3. Post #54 here https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2723964-cunard-websitevp-problemsmerged-threads/page/3/?tab=comments#comment-59223411 I thought you got directed to the old VP after logging in to the new VP, for Voyages/Cruises booked last Year.
  4. I know perfectly well how Kitchens work, especially certified Kosher Hotel Kitchens Thank you. Here are some of Kuti's Kitchen. He does not operate a closed Kitchen door policy. If you ask Mr Kuti he is always happy to let the customers see how clean his Kitchen is . It is one of the cleanest I have seen.
  5. Doubt if you would understand what the whicker box was for then . Obviously you have not yet ventured into an establishment as clean as Kutis Royal Pier . Pic of gents Washroom
  6. Why worry about what people do for a living, Just relax and enjoy peoples company.
  7. 🤔 They have to recoup the gratuity charge they say they do not add on some how.
  8. The Menu shown on line no longer show prices however A can/bottle of soda was around $2.85 against the gun $1.75 (splash) £2.50 small both plus 15% service Small water 500ml $3.25 plus 15% service Illy coffee around $3.30 plus 15% service and speciality teas around the same. give or take 50cents more Bottle of Grolsh was $6.25 plus 15% and for a Splash of Lemonade was an extra $1.75 plus %15% Marstons Pedigree was $6.25 plus 15% Large someone hopefully will show a photo of some old menu prices. The above are a few years old now. also see https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2599164-drink-prices-queen-victoria/ The pics are from 2017 for info a link here shows something not so old but the mixers are now chargeable and not included.
  9. Yes, Kutis Brasserie The Building is run by Mr Kuti Miah, Gatehouse 1883 was fusion situated upstairs, whilst Kutis Indian was downstairs. The Gatehouse has now ceased and it now serves only Indian. https://www.kutis.co.uk/ ABOUT Kuti's Brasserie is a fine dining Indian restaurant set in a dazzling Grade II listed building on Southampton's Waterfront. Kuti's Brasserie is overseen by Head Chef Ravi Rao, and serves an extensive menu of traditional favourites both for lunch and dinner. Kuti's Brasserie at the Royal Pier can also be hired for weddings and events, and the waterfront position and beautiful view makes for the perfect setting. The Dancing Man Brewery opposite is also a fun building for a drink or two also does eats ! https://www.dancingmanbrewery.co.uk/ https://www.dancingmanbrewery.co.uk/wool-house-history/ If you like Italian, then just a bit further along Town Quay is ennios. https://ennios.co.uk/
  10. 😄 Might be if I show Mr Kuti this post. 😉 No offence AndyMichelle. Its just that I know that it is an excellent establishment, very clean and highly recommended serving good quality Ingredients. As the links show. Obviously as with any establishment it can have glitches now and again. https://www.kutis.co.uk/about-kutis-brasserie/
  11. I am sorry but have to completely disagree with your comment. which could be damaging to the establishment which in my own opinion and to others here, is excellent. https://www.kutis.co.uk/ I have nothing do to do with Kutis Royal Pier but would bring you attention, That since Mr Kuti Opened Kuti's Royal pier as an Indian Restaurant from his Oxford Street Location in 2018 the Kitchen has had a Five star food Hygiene Rating rating from Southampton Council. (The Oxfords street venue also had 5 stars) The Venue Kuti's has won many awards in 2019 including Best Spiced Restaurant in The South East and The Tiffin Award. All of the meat is butchered by Eynon’s of St Clears in Carmarthenshire, Wales. They are a family run business, with butchery in the family since 1860. Eynon’s hand pick all of the products they send to us, meaning we receive the highest-quality cuts of meat possible. If you want to read more for yourself, click here to visit their website. Kutis Royal Pier is the Building, run by Mr Kuti, who is passionate about the Building and Southampton in General, who decided to use the upstairs as a Fusion Venture , with alternative food and named it Gatehouse 1833 . With Kuti's The Indian spiced food downstairs. If they were not busy upstairs then you could order the Indian and consume upstairs admiring the views. Unfortunately the upstairs venture did not work, so The whole building is Now Indian, with possible functions being held upstairs while the downstairs restaurant continues to flourish. There is a great terrace upstairs with views overlooking Southampton Water. Together with other great rooms upstairs, one being the Bar/lounge area with a glass floor area. https://www.dailyecho.co.uk/news/18065802.kutis-brasserie-awarded-best-spice-restaurant-south-east/ https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Restaurant_Review-g186299-d15007663-Reviews-Kuti_s_Brasserie-Southampton_Hampshire_England.html Kutis also sponsors many Local Charitable events.
  12. The Bar Staff receive the 15% service charge, were as the Auto Gratuity pot goes to the other staff, ie Waiters, Kitchen and your steward/ess.
  13. see the links below which should let you decide the best option. https://ask.completecruisesolution.com/help/ext/cunard/life-on-board/drinks_package and https://ask.completecruisesolution.com/help/ext/cunard/life-on-board/dining The premium option allows The Illy Coffee and Teaforte selection of teas also Godvia Chocolate drinks from all bars, Cans/bottles and small water. The cheaper option you are not allowed small water, hot drinks and the sodas are only from the gun together with normal fruit juices.
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