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  1. I spoke with a UK MSC employee, who stated that I should wait for a letter and that they would be offering FCC. I asked for a refund and she stated that only FCC were being offered. I thought this strange as MSC have cancelled the cruise.. On looking up the terms of the Contract I had on my booking section 15(2) Read " These are the Terms and Conditions, which apply to your holiday package. Please read them carefully as you be bound by them. 15.2 If the cancellation prior to departure is due to an event of Force Majeure and/or any unusual /or unforeseeable circumstances beyond MSC Cruises or the Company’s control, the consequences of which could not have been avoided by MSC Cruises or the Company even though they have exercised all due care, MSC Cruises or the Company will offer the Passenger the choice of: a) Receiving a full refund of all money paid; or b) Booking another Holiday Package from the Company’s brochure and/or from the Official Website of equivalent or superior quality at no extra cost, if available; or c) Booking another Holiday Package from the Company’s brochure and/or from the Official Website of lower quality, if available, with a refund of the difference in price." Work that one out, ? I will wait for the letter, although I don't hold much faith with them, Bet I have to recontact them. Although A FCC is better than losing Money , I do not understand how they can change the t&c .
  2. Chanel Islands planes still flying ! Presently Blue Islands Airways are still operating also Eastern Airways and Logan Air https://www.blueislands.com/ https://www.easternairways.com/where-we-fly https://www.loganair.co.uk/
  3. Why Be worried, In My opinion Looks excellent-location within easy reach of the Crows nest and outside deck, Just will notice the "Sway" if you get rough weather. Remember the saying, The more you pay the more you sway 😄
  4. The problem I found with Ventura and Azura , is no Forward facing view Bar. In my opinion its so much more relaxing sitting in a comfortable forward facing lounge bar, like The Crows Nest (or Commodore Club with Cunard,)
  5. Here in the uk some members use https://www.hl.co.uk/shares Hargreaves Lansdown do not charge, all you do after full payment is made is email a pdf copy of the online statement with your account number blanked out to shareholderbenefits@carnivalukgroup.com with your name, cruise details and ship and they apply the benefit. and supply an updated cruise confirmation.
  6. When pre purchased I believe that you get a Letter/voucher or similar in your stateroom and visit a particular bar as advised for the sticker to be applied. On QM2 it was The Chart room that had the lists of customers who had pre purchased.
  7. If you have on Board credit it may be advisable for you to purchase these on board, as you have the option to decide if you wish to purchase a drinks/Beverage package until your Second day . The payment will be deducted from your obc.
  8. That is the Norm. If you book via a TA then your TA deals with your problem. Never known anything different.
  9. It could move to a display case elsewhere on the ship
  10. Post #54 here https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2723964-cunard-websitevp-problemsmerged-threads/page/3/?tab=comments#comment-59223411 I thought you got directed to the old VP after logging in to the new VP, for Voyages/Cruises booked last Year.
  11. I know perfectly well how Kitchens work, especially certified Kosher Hotel Kitchens Thank you. Here are some of Kuti's Kitchen. He does not operate a closed Kitchen door policy. If you ask Mr Kuti he is always happy to let the customers see how clean his Kitchen is . It is one of the cleanest I have seen.
  12. Doubt if you would understand what the whicker box was for then . Obviously you have not yet ventured into an establishment as clean as Kutis Royal Pier . Pic of gents Washroom
  13. Why worry about what people do for a living, Just relax and enjoy peoples company.
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