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  1. Don't forget about passing the Willkomm-Hoft on the River Elbe at Wedel either, Although easily missed when cruising during the hours of darkness. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Willkomm-Hรถft
  2. member pepperrn1 has some great photos of the interiors of QM2 QE and QV here https://www.flickr.com/photos/pepperrn/sets/
  3. https://www.cunard.com/content/dam/cunard/marketing-assets/pdf/us-brochures/2019-Grill-Suites-Overview.pdf Link supplied by windsurfboy from earlier post
  4. South Western Railway usually Platform 1 Southampton Central to London Waterloo normally takes 1hr 30mins on fast train. Southern Railway via Barnhan from Southampton Central to London Victoria takes around 2hr 30min and is a slow journey but cheaper ticket. Details and prices see website below https://www.nationalrail.co.uk/ National Coaches from Southampton Coach Station to London Victoria Coach station usually takes around 2hr 30mins see https://www.nationalexpress.com/en for flat fee Private hire Taxis see answers already given in posts above
  5. There is no problem wearing smart shorts/cargo shorts with polo shirt or similar during the day in the restaurants.
  6. You could use the Leonardo Royal Grand Hotel Southampton Grand Harbour and stay One night under their 15 night Cruise parking Offer. (Part of Fattal Jurys Operation (UK) Limited) https://www.leonardohotels.co.uk/hotels/southampton/leonardo-royal-hotel-southampton-grand-harbour/cruising
  7. I don't think that reply needs answering , considering this is a forum ๐Ÿ˜‚
  8. As I have said, Not my problem or concern. A Gratuity is a Gratuity not a wage. As i am lead to believe that Carnival make up to an agreed limit the wages when there is a shortfall in auto grats.. It is only Carnival Corp that think that Gratuity is a wage.
  9. Just easier with no embarrassment to remove auto tips at the Pursers desk and pay in Cash to the staff. I am lead to believe that Frontline Staff prefer it this way, apparently they get more money by Carnival boosting there wages to an agreed level regarding the tip aspect when its not auto applied and then receiving Cash tips, which they do not have to hand in, but usually share with in their group stations. It's a personal thing Tipping, however do whatever one is happy with and can afford. Its your holiday and it is not down to the customer to worry about staff wages. Most staff return again and again to Cunard so their system must work if you double tip, adjust auto tips, remove them completely and give the cash or just don't tip. Your decision and no one else's business.
  10. But thats a number lol. Might as well put a right number in. ๐Ÿ˜
  11. Quite easy Just put Address Line 1 Ship name, Address Line 2 In Transit . San Francisco . (If first Port) or whatever Place your in for your first arrival State CA or wherever. Telephone number of the ship. 00870 plus Arcadia 773238012 / 783254634 Aurora 764906755 / 764906754 Azura 765050836 / 765050839 Britannia 773929606 / 773929608 Oceana 773153693 /773153017 Ventura 764843559 764843562 Obviously if you are arriving and using a Hotel then you put that address in.
  12. Contacting the CEO, in my opinion, is Still Over the top, or even could be compensation seeking, just for a future cruise enquiry mix up.
  13. Seems a legitimate mix up according to other posts. Why go for the Jugular , Port Royal ? Cunard a Carnival Brand , like others do make mistakes !
  14. Easily done , by Taxi from Port to Southampton Central, Train Station Platform 1, then South Western Railway Service to London Waterloo. However if you are travelling to Heathrow Airport, you will need the South Western Railway, Rail-Air Service (Ticket) and Change at Woking Railway Station to a coach for the short journey to Heathrow Airport Terminals. Southern Railway (Green Trains) also serve Southampton Central to Gatwick Airport and London Victoria Railway Station, although cheaper it can be a longer Journey Time. https://www.nationalrail.co.uk/
  15. You are not harming the behind scenes employees by removing auto grats as Cunard will make that up to the agreed limit to which the employee decided to take the job. You then can tip the front of line staff and know that they are receiving the benefit and are you are therefore not supplimenting others or going into the company profits by leaving auto tips on. Although as a shareholder I should not complain. I do not understand why some passengers worry about the wages of staff. That should only should be a matter between the employee and company. Of course most staff are going to give a sob story as they know it helps passengers supply more money in tips. This system only works when the company will make up auto gratuities. There are companies like Fred Olsen who actually give the gratuity which is added to your onboard account to the Dining Staff and Cabin Staff. The subject of Auto tips is very secretive which can be for only one reason, that the company can profit from them. If a passenger wishes to tip then it is up to the individual, on how that tip is given. I do not understand why some state they tip twice.
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