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  1. It is no longer Veuve Clicquot and has not been for several years. It is now Laurent-Perrier and in my opinion has lost is Orange Sparkle.
  2. The Observation Deck on Deck 7 is the furthermost you can get to the bow, The Brown deck space shown on photo, This is usually accessible unless extremely windy. This area also houses the spare Propeller blades she carries.
  3. I am lead to believe that The Commodore Club will have a drinks bar Grill fitted over the shelving, to enable the Bottles to be stored in that area without the need to remove them each night. Hopefully the QM2 Model will stay.
  4. Well Like you and many other 1st time passengers, who have loyalty matched, I was lucky matching to Black Card status as it was then, the name having Just recently changed to “Diamond” and kept my status running. Lets hope you enjoy MSC also, reading forums MSC is not everyones cup of tea.
  5. Yes and it will increase to maximum of Diamond . However don't sail within 3 years and you lose the status completely and will have to start from scratch
  6. You can match any cruise line or Hotel status to the MSC loyalty match, it has been running for a few years now. However you must sail with MSC every 3 Years to keep your status. I believe it is a once only status match. I have never let mine lapse. The highest was Black card up until a few months ago when it was changed to Diamond .
  7. Well no one has commented so far on how easy it was to board QM2 at The City Cruise Terminal. On Nov 3 No queues and on board before 12 noon.
  8. Although no vouchers are required, you will find that CWC have cut down on the benefits on a back to back Transatlantic crossing . With 1 complimentary dining and 1 drinks invitation compared to the two in previous years but Cunard do confirm 2 complementary 480mins of internet.in the letter.
  9. Thanks for the replies, I finally got it sorted. We’re booked on a 27 night cruise and, even though I used my Future Cruise Deposit/Credit, there was no indication of any type of discount. On advice from this thread - thank you! - my TA contacted Cunard. First we were offered a 3% discount but we’re then offered $300PP as a sign of ‘good will’. Things worked out out for us but it’s a bit off-putting that no discount was given when booking with FCDs! Perhaps not such a sign of goodwill, just the obc you should have received, if you have booked a balcony. For UK customers the terms are here. https://ask.completecruisesolution.com/help/ext/cunard/before-you-sail/FCD
  10. I have always found that Priority Boarding at Southampton is usually easy , it only goes wrong when the computers fail.
  11. Future Cruise Down payments are recorded against your CWC number here in the UK. You usually get a letter showing them, when purchased delivered to your stateroom. When you book and use the Future Cruise Down payment then the obc is recorded on your confirmation booking together with any further obc that may have been offered.
  12. I checked with the CWC and received the following reply:- "Thank you for your email to the Cunard World Club and I am sorry for the delay in my response. We want your voyage to get off to a great start with quick and easy embarkation. The process should be very straightforward. Due to the large number of guests embarking our ships, we operate a staggered embarkation process. You were allocated an arrival time on your e-ticket, this is to ensure you spend less time in the terminal and more time on-board. We kindly ask that all passengers adhere as closely as possible to their allotted arrival time. However, as a Diamond tier member of the Cunard World club you will benefit from priority check in at Southampton and therefore I would advise you to arrive at the terminal after 12.30 , to check in at the earliest opportunity. If you have any further questions or queries please contact us for further assistance. Kind Regards " So it would appear that the emails/e ticket is Generic and not in line with ones CWC status as they used to be..
  13. Shame they do not value the Emergency Services here in the UK and offer the extra obc under the Blue Light Card scheme https://www.bluelightcard.co.uk/
  14. Debarkation for your 0830 train could be possible. On Sunday 3rd November QM2 is shown berthing for a change at The City Cruise Terminal, which is nearer Southampton Central Railway Station and walkable. However there are Four ships in port on that day, so the Town will be busy. Also being a Sunday Railway Engineering works are usually being done, and can overrun. Southampton to Portsmouth Harbour is served by South Western Railway and Great Western Railway, The SWR trains are showing a journey time of about 1hr 10mins with a change of train. The GWR services are showing journey time of 50mins. These services are known to be bad especially Sundays as you have less trains, with quite often breakdowns and cancellations. https://www.nationalrail.co.uk/ Are Cunard doing a tour from your Personalizer ? or try an online company like Viator. Unable to assist re storage of Luggage at Brooklyn , however I have known Cunard to run tours to Macy's and then on to JFK with luggage stored on the coach, but this again has been arranged from the Tours office onboard ship. If your return flights have also been arranged with Cunard then they usually either offer a tour then on to the airport, or arrange a day hotel near the airport.
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