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  1. Hello I emailed Rendezvous at: Angus@theromanticholiday.com Angus responded the same day with all the details. Good luck, Heather
  2. Hello and thank you! We loved Rendezvous. Old colonial style hotel. It has a fabulous beach and the staff were very polite and courteous. We had an all inclusive day pass and the food/drink were first class. Lovely and peaceful. We certainly didn't have any complaints. As for St Kitts, we ended up going to The Park Hyatt via 'Resort for a Day'. Again, we loved it. Ultra modern, new hotel. Amazing beach with great views over to Nevis, great lunch and professional staff. Although they aren't an adult only hotel, there were hardly any children and from what I saw, they didn't seem to cater for them. Hope that helps, and Happy Anniversary!
  3. Hi Our first choice for a day pass was Sandals, but I had no luck. I then decided on Blue Waters on an 'entry only' day pass. We absolutely loved it! The place itself is wonderful and we were lucky enough to have amazing staff too. They were so attentive and interested in us and made us feel 'special'. Just in case anyone was wondering about going, it might be worth a try...
  4. Miami Vice, French Caribbean and Mudslide. 19 days to go till we board Reflection, so which one will I have first?! Hmmmm, decisions, decisions!
  5. Hi I just rang Sandals Antigua and was told that they do not do Day Passes, which was really disappointing. I then rang Sandals Barbados and was told they are able to do Day Passes at a cost of $130 each, but I needed to ring back a few days before we sail to confirm the cost and availability. I'm going to keep my fingers crossed! Happy New Year!
  6. Hi Fiona Thank you so much for your report - much appreciated! We're more than confident of The Pullman now! Just two months till we fly now, so getting excited! Happy Christmas!
  7. Hi LuCruise That's really good to hear about The Pullman. I'll enjoy taking a look at your Mariner review! Thanks very much Heather
  8. Many thanks for all the replies, much appreciated. FionaMG: I look forward to hearing about the Pullman, in particular if they have a decent sunbathing area that's not in the shade!
  9. Thanks Arzeena, that's good to know! I've been having trouble booking it and was told to contact them again a few weeks before we go. Does that sound usual?
  10. Hi Everyone We don't fly back to the UK until early evening on 18th February 2019. To avoid hanging around Miami airport, we thought about getting a hotel day room. We don't have many demands for just the one day, but would like somewhere which is 4 star and we want to be able to sunbathe. We came across The Sheraton and The Pullman, which both seem to fit the bill. Does anyone have any comments about these hotels, or different recommendations? Many thanks
  11. Hi UK Cruiser2 Email: Angus@theromanticholiday.com Day pass Includes Lunch, Afternoon tea, Drinks and use of resort facilities from 10:00am to 6:00pm cost US$105.00. You settle the charges at the Reception on arrival. Passes exclude use of scuba facilities and motorized water sports. The hotel is located 5 minutes from the ports via taxi and cost US$10.00. Hope that helps.
  12. Hi Reedprincess Just to say that I've now booked Rendezvous and am really looking forward to it. The whole process was very quick and easy. Thank you so much for the recommendation!
  13. Hi Everyone Hoping someone can help us decide where to spend the day on our Feb 2019 Celebrity cruise, to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary. We would like an adults only, quiet, relaxing day on a not too crowded beautiful beach with good food and drinks, so are considering Sandals. Does anyone have any comments or other suggestions? Many thanks Heather
  14. Hi Reedprincess Many thanks for your reply. I'll definitely look at both of your recommendations and appreciate the heads up about the distance of Sandals Grande. Kind regards Heather
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