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  1. caribbean52010

    Anyone use Barcelona Day Tours?

    We used several tours of Spain Day Tours. We did a transAtlantic cruise from FLL to Barcelona and booked Spain Day Tours at each port in Spain and was more than Satisfied. We booked them separately from the cruise ship and got a much better price. All our guides we very good at English and no matter what question we threw at them they knew the answer. Very good guides. The largest Fear Cruise ship try to tell you is if you book outside the cruise ship they could leave without you. BUT DON"T WORRY. They had us back in port in plenty of time. And I feel confident should there be mechanic breakdown they had a plan in place. But did not fear as all vehicles were new. In Fact on tour used brand new Mercedes Benz 12 passenger van. It was so nice. We Did have one Mercedes Benz Van and the seats were a little tight and not that comfortable but just OK. All others were great. If you want to save some money with excellent guides and newer vehicles go with Spain Day and save some money. Bottom line use Spain Day Tours. They are great and less than Cruise ship prices. We feel we are self insured as we have booked many tour using non cruise ship tours. Therefore if we need to go to the next city on our own we are money ahed. As I tell mY wife, WHAT IS THE WORST THING THAT COULD HAPPEN? Say we miss the boat and I doubt it very much we just catch a train or plane to the next port. No big deal. Lots worse has happened. Don't short change yourself. JUST DO IT.
  2. caribbean52010

    Slot Pull: Questions on how to organize

    Anne' date=' Could you send me a copy of the famous spreadsheet. I will be sailing on a trans Atlantic in the spring and there is interest in a Slots pull. Thanks, Email: [email']caribbean5@centurylink.net[/email]
  3. caribbean52010

    Tour By Van

    We just returned from the Panama Canal Cruise and one port of call was Alapulco. We had heard of some issues with drug lords and we chose to stay on the ship but then after talking with a few on the cruise they had a tour booked with Rudy and there was an opening for two in the van that holds 8 comfortably. We went and was so glad we did. Of five tours we did, I would have to say this might have been the best and was so glad we did it. We never felt in danger and felt safe the entire time. The tour was more than we expected. Yes we did a few of the tourist things like the Cliff Divers ( and glad we did). But he took us behind the scenes and we saw the real Acapulco. As we walked in crowded areas, there was Rudy leading the way and bringing up the rear was Roger. Yes there were two guides for 8 of us. They made sure we felt safe the entire time. Rudy did a lot of extras. I don't want to spoil the tour by telling you all the extras he did but I would never hesitate using Rudy. Biggest mistake would have been for us to stay on the ship and have missed this day. If anyone has any questions or concerns you can email me at caribbean5@aol.com and I will try to answer any questions you have. Thanks Rudy for a great tour.
  4. caribbean52010

    One cruise to choose..which one should it be?

    Here is a thought. IF you are beach people and want something different, why not try a catamarin sail in the British Virgin Islands(BVI's). We did this twice ( a seven day and a ten day sail). Did it with a captain and cook. Best vacation ever. Very laid back and great dining aboard as well as on shore. You won't find better beaches anywhere. You can go into places no cruise ship can take you. I snorkeled everyday, as they take you to the best snorkel spots. When I penciled it out, it was cheaper than a cruise. As you pay one fee but it not only includes food but alcoholic drinks & wine of your choice and you don't have taxi and tour costs as they take you right to the area you want to go. We are crusing the Panama Canal this year(Friday) but think we might do a catamiran next year. I have lots of pictures if you are interested. Bob
  5. caribbean52010

    Celebrity Century

    Don't eat all the food. We will be on the Century right behind you April 29 departure. Bob
  6. caribbean52010

    Martini with two olives, please....

    Did I tell you I love Martinis? This is a picture (if I can do this right) in Downtown Las Vegas.
  7. We are doing the Panama Canal on the Century end of April. We have not been but have booked some tours and it looks much like your ports: Colon: We booked with MY FRIEND MARIO to the Embera Villages. Costa Rica: Booked with Odyssey Tours to Manuel Antonio Park. Reviews on Trip Advisor are all positive. Guatemala: Ship tour to Anguilla. There are a few other ports of call but we are doining it by ourselves without a tour.
  8. caribbean52010

    Celebrity dumps disabled man on island.

    Well then why did he book this cabin. If he is an ACTIVIST as it has been pointed out, he would be fully aware there are handicap cabins and those that are not. Why did he book one that was NOT hadicap friendly? Doesn't make much sense to me but then a lot of things that are going on today don't make much sense either. Like most of the postings, I smell something fishy here. Is it possible he was just trying to get attention and have all staterooms handicap friendly? I am so much in favor of hadicap friendly places in all areas of life (we have two parents that are handicapped). But let's step back, get the facts and do the right thing and don't go overboard (no pun intended).
  9. caribbean52010


    I hear they offer a Martini sampler. They are smaller martinis but a tray with several types. If your ship has a Martini Bar (ours does) then maybe this is available and you can try several and then you might have a favorite. But make sure you try either a gin or vodka martini (or a mixture of both, a 007) shaken and not stirred. Have fun trying them all Bob
  10. caribbean52010

    Seasick on the Century Question.

    I have also seen where someone was wearing the patch and they touched the patch and then rubbed their eye. Their eye was infected and swollen the entire cruise.
  11. caribbean52010

    Corruption in Mexico

    We were in Cabo a few years ago and had a car rental. I was driving back to our resort and just on the edge of town was a set of traffic lights. It was green as I was going thru, then yellow fashed faster than I could blink, and it was red. Yes I got pulled over. Took my drivers license and started to write a ticket telling me I would need to go to San Jose in three days to pay the fine. When asked if there was another way, he said I could pay him. We scrambled to gather the $100 between us (probably could have gotten it for less) and gave it to him. He gave back my license and never did finish with the ticket. We drove one block forward and saw another car (in a rental car like ours) pulled over getting a ticket also. A year later some friends of our had the same happen to them in Cabo at the same spot. It happens all the time in Mexico. You can't argue with them as we have no rights in their county. Being careful has nothing to do with it. Being lucky has everything to do with it.
  12. caribbean52010


    I like the pomegrante martinis and also make a great apple martini. They are both great. And like you, I cannot stand to drink a dirty martini. Ruins the flavor. But then again its like wine, everyone has a different taste. One wine (Martini) may taste good to one person and terrible to another. There is no right or wrong, just what a person likes. I don't like my martini's with vermouth, but some do. I like garlic olives, some don't. There is no bad martini, well there's one bad one, the one that gets spilled and doesn't get drank. Enjoy sampling a maritini or what ever the drink might be. Enjoy
  13. caribbean52010

    Are extra fuel charges being.............

    Got a good chuckle from your original post, and I understood you were in reference to the Samoli pirates but when you put in the $100,000 fee, I saw the pirates shift from Samoli to Celebrity. Sorry. But I did get a good chuckle from it. I was wondering if I were to book a cruise when oil prices were extremely high and I paid a premium on that cruise, then oil prices drop, would I get a refund???? Just wondering about all this. Bob
  14. caribbean52010

    Are extra fuel charges being.............

    I would have to diasagree with you. I do blame them if they do impose the fee. I am fully aware of the policy they can impose the fee at will. They make it very clear from the start. But would I reject this cruise because of the this clause, I doubt it. When we purchase airline tickets we purchase at best price. That price is locked in and no fee added if the price of oil goes up. For heavens sake, this is a real turnoff if they impose this fee. We have not cruised in years, and we usually travel to the caribbean, but stay at a resort. I know my fixed costs up front. If the cruise lines start playing games with me, I know where my next vacation will be. Just my thoughts. Like an earlier post refers to it as pirates and I have to agree with him. Bob
  15. caribbean52010


    A Martini is just as it was posted "Gin/Vodka/Olives/Onions/Vermouth" and can be either stirred or shaken. I think almost everyone is familiar with the Martini Glass. There are so many varouis drinks served in a Martini Glass and they call them a Martini but the coctail glass (Martini Glass) is all that is in common with a true Martini. My favorite is a "007". It is half gin, half vodka, olives, no vermouth and shaken, not stirred. The true "007 is with Tanquray Gin and Skky vodka, but I use different combinations. Bombay Sapphire Gin and Stoli or Bombay Shapphire and Grey Goose. But the key is it must be well chilled, I often chill my glass first (fill with water and ice cubes prior to filling the glass). I keep the Vodka in the freezer. I like Garlic stuffed olives. I sometimes get the Garlic and Jalapeno stuffed. The Jalapeno by itself it too overpowering and miss the good flavor of the Martini. I have had the blue cheese stuffed olives, but the blue chesse doesn't hold up well in the olive. Can't wait to be aboard and see how they make a "007". I enjoy having one before dinner. After dinner drinks are something else LOL. Bob