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  1. Not sure if I read a post that Liberty might be heading back to Florida? Thank you...
  2. Looking to book this offer but I really want to go to Izumi Hibachi I thought I read that this restaurant is not included as the free dining is this correct ? I will be on IOS 5 night cruise. Thank you
  3. Hello we are new to the beverage packages on Royal I see they offer 2 packages can someone please explain the differences? Would anyone have the menu showing what comes with each package? What is the cost of each? Thank you for your help :)
  4. So if the cruise is 5 nights you pay for 5 days correct? Not the next day since we debark correct? Thank you
  5. Same here have 11/2020 booked but was hoping for some kind of sale to rebook or select another date with promos...What kind of sale did they offer last year??
  6. Great is it always refilled on a daily basis ?
  7. I see in the Aurora we can get the mini bar but is doesn't explain what is included in the mini bar? Please give an example? Thank you
  8. Yes I sent mine and got the same email back so I did what the last post said and it worked :) I received my number right away!
  9. Thank you I have signed up for emails from MSC so I will have a better idea. I don't sail till 11/2020 so I have plenty of time to keep a look out on their site.
  10. Yes my agent has will do the same I was wondering how often they update their promotions?
  11. New to MC but interested in a cruise for 11/2020 they are not offering any specials for the later part of 2020. I was hoping at some point they will update their promos and include the later part of 2020 dates. Thank you :)
  12. Ok thank you for that info:) If you have the drink package is the 15% waved?
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