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  1. for on-board-credit on a new cruise? Just booked and forgot I had them.
  2. Thanks noobcruiser. Was on Carnival last year and I believe that there was a daily maximum a person could get with the drink package. (not sure, didn't have package on that cruise)
  3. The terms and conditions on NCL's site says in part Hawaii Beverage Package is applicable to Pride of America sailings only. Applicable to guests 1-2 on the reservation. Eligible guests are entitled to two beverages per person per transaction. Includes a variety of beverages up to $15 USD retail price. Anything consumed above the promotional benefit will be the responsibility of the guest at prevailing rates. Is there a limit on the number of "Transactions"? or just on the amount covered by the package?
  4. Is there somewhere on NCL's site that explains how this works? I've looked but can't find anything. What I think I understand from this thread is: You can purchase a next cruise certificate for a set amount of money ie: $500. You then get 50% back in OBC. Can you use that OBC towards another certificate?
  5. How does Ala Carte pricing work in the steak house with the Speciality Dining package? Limited dollar amount you can spend? Restricted menu? Last time we sailed NCL it was just about anything on the steak house menu was available as a full meal.
  6. Looking for a Canada/New England cruise in October 2019. Thanks
  7. There has been a lot of discussions about the staggered embarkations Carnival has adopoted. This was our experience. We flew in the night before and stayed at the Marriott Fairfield Inn near the airport. Our scheduled cruise check in time was 11:00 to 11:30 so we planned on arriving a little before 11:00 intending to get in line. We took Lyft Plus (5 people, lots of luggage) - it cost $37.00 including tip. We arrived at 10:45 and found out that we could enter the building early, but so could the 11:30 to 12:00's and the 12:00 - 12:30's. We gave our bags and a $10.00 tip to the porters and essentially walked up the the check in counter at wihich time, we were given our sail and sign cards. We were in group 8. We sat about an hour and by noon were on the ship. I went straight to Guy's burgers and was sitting sitting down enjoying it in about 5 minutes. My son got in the Mongolian wok line and eventually ate (the wok was sloooooooow all cruise long). At 1:30, they allowed us into our room. .
  8. Essentially, NCL pricing has the drink plan built into the cost while Carnival's is extra (but the two are only a few dollars apart). Since your question indicated interest in the drink package then NCL is probably cheaper as you also get your choice of 3 dinner's for two in the extra cost dining venues or $250 in free internet or $50 per port of call towards excursions. If you won't be buying the drink plan, Carnival is less expensive. For example a 7 day cruise out of Long Beach/Los Angeles CA on March 9th 2019 visiting the same ports of call: (Date selected for full availability as an earlier cruise may have sold out cabin catagories) Carnival Balcony starts at $739 per person. Add the drink package at $350. you have $1,089 NCL Balcony starts at $1,099 per person and includes the drink package.
  9. Don't forget the embarkation port. In 2015 we sailed out of NYC. In 2018 we are sailing out of Boston to do an New England/Canada cruise on another Cruise line. Why? Don't want to do NYC again. Next week we are on the Dream partially because we wanted to see a little of New Orleans. Could have chosen to cruise Marti Gras week but we wanted to avoid the crowds and added expenses. We live on the West Coast so most cruises require a plane ride. You may be able to easily drive to some of the Caribbean ports. You may make the same or opposite choices but do consider where you will be starting your cruise.
  10. As of today, Oct. 27th, we are at 9 days and counting. Dreaming of the Dream on Nov. 5th. Big Easy, here we come.
  11. I realize that a $100.00 hold isn't a big deal or you wouldn't be cruising however, wait until you go to the ports of call preview and the Cruise Director convinces you that you absolutely must go Swim with the Dolphins or parasail. Hold gets bigger and bigger. Don't do it. Just plunk down $500.00 cash and enjoy your cruise.
  12. Depends on how crowded the ship is... Some ships have numerous open cabins, not all do. We are on the Dream next month. My wife and I in one cabin and 2 of my sons in another (an inside). About 10 days after final payment was due we found out that my 3rd son could join us. At that point, the least expensive (only?) cabin available that would sleep 3 was a Cove balcony. Cost my 1st son's an additonal $100.00 and my 3rd son $657.00 (they split the cost equally). They did get back some in On Board Cash.
  13. On non-elegant nights, are tennis shoes ok in the MDR? Haven't sailed Carnival in 8 years.
  14. I have heard, but never tried myself, that if you ask to have something off of "tonight's" menu be saved for you for "tomorrow night" they will try and accomidate your request. Asking "today" for something off of "yesterday's menu" would be more problematic.
  15. Sorry about the run together words. I ran the above thru Word to spell check it and it was reformatted opon posting.
  16. Did you have travelinsurance including medical coverage? Did you have trouble gettingtreatment or into the hospital? I have been talking to trip insurance sellersand they say most emergency medical coverage reimburses you once you get homeand they don't guarantee payment to the provider. My concern is gettingtreatment in a timely manner if needed. I have some really goodcredit cards, but they do have their limits...
  17. Getting old, my eyes are going: can't seem to find the ham and swiss on rye...
  18. There is probably a thread about this but... Thank you for you help
  19. There is probably a thread on this already, but... I appreciate your help - thanks
  20. "Towel animals are NOCTURNAL their purpose in life is to put one last smile on your face before you turn in for the evening." LOL - thanks
  21. I will let him know he can continue his regular work out schedule. Thanks to you all for your kind and helpful comments.
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