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  1. I was looking at buying a little crossbody backpack: https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B07CBNQC5Y/ref=sspa_mw_detail_2?ie=UTF8&psc=1&th=1 Like you said I think it will be alot more practical than a little purse...I don't carry diapers or anything anymore, but I do carry baby wioes, hand santizer, etc, so I need a little extra space. Also, thanks for the repellent idea. I usually take one to our trips but for some reason I wasn't thinking I would need it on this trip.
  2. I am really considering buying this leg pillow. But, not sure how we would blow it up, did you bring along something to inflate it or did you just blow it up yourself?
  3. I sent them an email to get pricing and they haven't replied yet. But, my husband loved the idea of being able to fish. Plus, their reviews on TripAdvisor are great!
  4. This is an option the men would love since they absoultley love fishing and don't have any fishing planned for the rest of the trip. I just found their info on google, so I will send them an email and get a quote. Do you remember how many passengers were on board when you took the tour?
  5. I will look into them...we will be in port from 10am to 4pm, so I think that would give us more than enough time to see the island! Do you remember about how much you paid for the tour?
  6. I just booked a tour with Kefalonia Taxi Service in Argostoli for Myrtos Beach and Melissani Lake. So I am down to Corfu and Dubvronik... Corfu is looking like a relaxing day of shopping and walking around town...any places to get nice views or any beaches near port? In Dubrovnik I would love to do the cable car! I will goggle it and try to get more info! I am guessing that finding a taxi at port is pretty simple at both ports? We are a group of 12 so that complicates things sometimes...
  7. Looks like the ship excursion is 3 times what we would pay if we book it on our own 😕
  8. I was looking at google maps and it says it is about a 40 minute walk from port to the Delos dock, is there a shuttle provided by the ship into town or would we have to grab a taxi if we don't want to make that long walk? Also, I will check with the cruise and see what the cost for that Delos excursion would cost and see if there is a big difference in price.
  9. We will be in these ports in June on the NCL Star and are wanting to DIY at least one or all if possible! At Argostoli I am thinking of grabbing a taxi to Myrtos Beach which I have researched is about 45 min away, is this a good idea? Also anyone have an idea of how much a taxi to Myrtos would cost? Besides that I have not figured out what we want to do at the other 2 ports, but would like to know if they are easy to DIY or is it beter to arrange private tour.
  10. I was able to find the Delos boat and it seems like it leaves at 10am and returns at 1:30pm. We are in town from 8am to 3:30pm, so that would leave us with 2 hours upon return to explore Mykonos. But, this might be enough then considering their is not much to do, right? Are the mills withing walking distance from the dock?
  11. How about getting from Mykonos to Delos? Obviously would need transportation there, so would a tour company be our best option or is there a boat/ferry that would be able to takw us if we DIY?
  12. Do you have to arrange transportation to Delos? Just started researching Mykonos and Delos is something I would love to do...
  13. Thanks for your suggestions! I looked into M Tours website and found a really nice Blue Cave tour that interested us. I contacted them to get a quote since we are a group of 12 people. But, if we decide to do Kotor on our own, what would our options be, pretty much just walking to the fort and beach?
  14. My bad, we won't be on Oasis, that is the first leg of our trip, this port will be on NCL. Also, forgot to mention we will be in port from 2pm-8pm which might be a problem when booking tours.
  15. We will be in Kotor in June on the Oasis and I am not sure if this is anport we can DIY or if there is so much to see that we should book a tour. I liked the idea of doing the Tuk Tuk tour, but unfortunately they are booked for our day in port. The reason we liked this tour was the idea of being in an open air vehicle, not a van. Are there any other open air vehiclentours besides this one? Also, any insight on how easy it is to do Kotor on your own, maybe the fort and beach time?
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