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  1. Who thinks this is going on as planned?
  2. We are booked on the Diamond for a Cruisetour in Japan starting Oct 2...think it will go??
  3. Alot of excursions are only a few hours. What happens for the rest of the day? Will Viking offer more excursions, and will they be of the ones that we have to pay more for?
  4. I'm curious : when cruises begin again and the number of people have to be reduced, how are the cruise lines going to decide this, especially because many cruisers have moved their trips so that I would think that many of these ships are full or near full. What's your opinion?
  5. So it sounds like I should try the EZAir with the flexible flights...will continue to monitor flights....hopefully, we go!! I ave 4 cruises booked in 2021-2022...fingers crossed ...thanks for your help....
  6. I've never booked through EZAir...how do the prices compare with doing it yourself? We also fly Business..what do you mean by "I'll make a reservation and then watch prices again." Can you change your fares/prices with Princess once you book with them? thanks
  7. Depends on the flights....started looking... if I can get direct flights from LAX I do that, then take Southwest from McCarren to Los Angeles....although I usually book myself, I will see what Princess offers for flights....in "this day and age", might be better to let them book them for us. Watching Princess site everyday to see if it's cancelled....how long ago did you book this? We did it quite a while ago...
  8. We are booked on the Diamond for a Japan Cruisetour Oct. 2, 2021...not one of the dates that are cancelled as of now...should I cancel?
  9. We are booked for Oct 2, 2021 for a Cruisetour in Japan on the Diamond...I guess this one won't be cancelled...should I cancel?
  10. Have been reading reviews of the Diamond Princess before the virus. Many negatives about the ship. We booked a Japan Cruisetour for Oct 2021 before the virus hit. 1. What do people think about a refurbish of the ship? 2. I can't find reviews of the Cruise tour (3A). Has anyone been on it? Many thanks!
  11. What is everyone's opinion of the future of the Diamond Princess? Curious, as we are booked on it a year from now. Thanks!
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