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  1. Hi Bob, this is specifically a UK thing. Its been around for some years and tends to be off most cruises. The person must first apply to get the Blue Light Card and prove their eligibility to get one. Once they have the card, the discount is available. Its also available on Celebrity Cruises. I was VERY excited when I first found out about it approx 12 months ago, and have benefitted ever since 🙂 Jean
  2. It seems to be different on different ships depending upon whether they have the RCI App, I think. I think the ships who use the App just have a one liner which is underneath the card number - and you have to tick it is you WANT them to convert. It was no longer an A or B option, just simply one option to tick is you wanted them to convert. However, as they completed ignored it, it seems a bit pointless! I do have a photo of when I completed it, just for my own sanity and so I can prove to them I did not tick the box - but it has my credit card details on it and I am not clever enough to delete off the card number on a photo, so sadly I cant post it sorry. It says: I elect to convert onboard expenses to my credit cards local currency using a currency conversion service'. it has a square box by it and you tick it if you want them to convert.
  3. Yes, we can but they would then refuse to pay it and as we have quite a few cruises booked with RCI I dont want to annoy them by not paying my bill! 😂
  4. wow, that is a pain - when I have corrected them in the past, they didnt issue new set sail passes, they just did it online. Its a shambles that they do this to everyone - anyone would think its deliberate 😱
  5. Hiya, no, I just tried it and that one works too...so now you have so many numbers you just dont know what to do with them 😂. That is another free number too.
  6. Thank you, I have that number as my D+ number. I always used to use the D+ freephone but now they have stopped using the prime phone number for UK cruisers to call - which is great news. For info, as I know you give out lots of useful info to people, all the premium cost phone numbers have been changed to ones that are charged at the usual local rate (at last). The contact number for bookings etc is now 0344 4934005 or 01932 834119 😁
  7. Hiya Lesley, I agree, no option A or B - but it has a separate line to tick is you want them to convert - so the option is still there.... sounds like I might be able to chase it - so I 'll give them a call. I would rather give the staff an extra $60 than RCI benefiting from that money grabbing conversion. 🙄
  8. Thank you - thats great to know and will save us time in the future. It also makes we wonder why they even bother to give us that option if they are going to ignore it anyway! We rarely use the Concierge, and after we have queued we think 'I wonder if the the Concierge could have helped'. So we will make sure we check with them in future 🙄 I take the photo because they also tell us at GS 'you must have ticked the box' - and so I show them a photo of the unticked box and they usually just change it to 'no conversion'. thanks again Jean
  9. Hi All, Firstly - please remember what your mother hopefully told you ...if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything 🙂 We have just come back from a 3 day cruise on Independence, which we were not sure we would enjoy as thought it might be too short - but we loved it. Fab staff and a really nice atmosphere. Very pleased we squeezed in this short break. However, we have a specific credit card we use to pay our onboard account which does not charge a conversion fee for charges made in a currency other that UK pounds. Every time I complete the info I carefully ensure I do NOT tick the box which permits RCI to convert the charges. I also take a photo of that page, as I have found they have a tendency to ignore the instruction and convert it from $'s to £'s, obviously applying their 3% charge. Usually we make a point of going to guest services to check it will be billed in USD, but we found there was always a massive queue at GS's, so didn't check as they have managed to get it right the last 3 cruises, so thought they had started using an infallible process to follow the express instructions during check in. On this cruise I took the photo of the page as usual, but yep you guessed it....they have billed in UK £'s and charged the 3%. Annoyingly, our charges were quite high as I took out cash at the casino tables (I'm Prime, so no fee charged), and we never pay our gratuities in advance, we prefer they are charged each day and so we pay at the end of the cruise. So we have been ripped off to the tune of about $60. I know its only a small amount and I won't let it overshadow the cruise obviously, but its the blinking principle!! I know its too late to correct this now as we are off the ship, but my question is; do you think the Concierge has access to a guests charging info and so in future instead of queuing at Guest Services we could ask him / her to check? It is SO irritating that we are obliged to wait in line to check they are following our instructions. Thanks in advance for your helpful comments 🙂
  10. I'm wondering if P & O did that as its a 'British' ship / cruise line - with big Union Jacks on the side - and so more likely to be targeted?
  11. wow, thank you so much for your helpful replies and thanks to Bob for the email address. Thanks again, very much appreciated.... and Goofyfanatic, you will never use all those offers and so if you would like to send me over a couple - please feel free 😂 Have a good day Jean x
  12. Hello, does anyone have an email address for Casino Royale please, I can only find a telephone number? I have a query and as I am in the UK the cost to call them will be quite expensive and as its a quick points query, it will be a lot easier to email them. As an aside question - I just made Prime (at the end of March 2019) for the coming 12 months, and I understand from he Casino Host that will mean I will get a free inside cabin cruise. Can someone please explain the procedure to claim the cruise, do I wait for them to send me the certificate for the free cruise, or does it appear on the casino royale page where my onboard cruise certificates are held? I don't want to lose the free cruise because I dont know how to claim it and like the onboard cruise certificates, it may be time limited. Thank in advance for your helpful responses. Jean 🙂
  13. thanks for the responses and explaining 🙂
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