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  1. I will be live with Andrew McCarthy and we will be discussing the things to see and do in Newfoundland on a cruise. Show will be live on Monday November 18th at 8:00 PM EDT and then available for replay later.
  2. misguy

    Train from Seward

    Here is a video I shot of that train trip. We loved it, and if the weather had been better, we would have been hapier.
  3. Here is a video interview I did with Murray Lundberg, the author of "Murray's Guide to the South Klondike Highway"
  4. Here is a video of Hubbard Glacier I shot from the Norwegian Jewel in late May.
  5. Sailing from Seward in late May, we had a good view of Bear Glacier.
  6. Here is a video I shot as we sailed southbound from Seward and passed Bear Glacier.
  7. Here is an interview with a tour guide from Jamaica on what good options are for the various ports.
  8. I have rented the car on both of our trips, because I think it is a greater value. We loved the drive in to Emerald Lake. We stopped at Carcross Desert, and did a sled dog adventure as well.
  9. misguy

    Alaska excursions

    Here are some recommendations from Murray Lundberg on what to do in various ports.
  10. We stayed at the Harbor 360 and loved it. I do recommend Major Marine for the Kenai Fjords.
  11. Here is a short video I shot about the SeaLife center.
  12. I actually had the privelege of interviewing Murray Lundberg and here is the interview, he talked about both the train and drive.
  13. Again, I agree with you. I think though that too many Americans aren't aware of the possible issue and just assume that all they have to do is show up with a passport and they can get in. The last part of the video highlights what someone with an issue can do to resolve it. Are you aware of cases where someone from Canada has had the same issue, if so, I may try to do a video on what they can do to resolve the issue. My goal is education of travelers so that their vacations don't get ruined.
  14. I didn't feel singled out, too often people just assume that there won't be an issue, and so are blindsided when they get to the border, and I am sure it goes both ways, but if you have a cruise booked and can't get to the ship, it is going to be hard to deal with.
  15. I do live interviews about travel, and am looking for someone that can talk about independent travel on the water taxis, and in general safety outside the confines of the port area in Belize, if you would be willing to be interviewed, you can email me at ken@travelingwithachair.com.
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