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  1. I just posted about our trip with Major Marine Tours in Seward. My wife travels with a wheelchair and we found the tour very easy with her chair, and the staff was excellent. You can read about it here. https://www.travelingwithachair.com/index.php/2019/07/17/sunday-afternoon-in-seward/
  2. One port we found very friendly was Seward. I did an live interview with Jen Leahy from the Seward Visitor Bureau and she talked a lot about the accessibility in Seward.
  3. I just posted on my blog about Major Marine's Ressurection Bay tour. If we had more time available, we would have done a longer tour. https://www.travelingwithachair.com/
  4. For those going to Seward, Alaska, either as the starting or ending point of the cruise, here is a video interview I did with Jen Leahy of the Seward Visitors Bureau. I did the interview before we went, and after going, I would say she was spot on. Seward, Alaska
  5. misguy

    Icy Straight Point

    I hate to say this, it wasn't Murray that mispelled it, it was me. Not reading what you type is a common mistake. As far as his not knowing the schedule, that was the only thing he didn't know. Murray is an absolute expert having guided in Alaska for years and serving as a guest lecturer for several cruise lines.
  6. Here is a live interview I recorded with Jen Leahy of the Seward Visitors Bureau and she outlines some of the amazing things to do in Seward. We did two of the things she outlined on our cruise, and I wish I had allowed another full day there.
  7. misguy

    Icy Straight Point

    Here is a brief video with Murray Lundberg, an Alaska tour guide, guest lecturer for the cruise lines, and author of "Murray's Guide to the South Klondike Highway" .
  8. I recommend renting a couple of vehicles and driving yourself. My wife and I have done that both times, and it works our great.
  9. We drove both times we have gone to Skagway and love the drive and the sights. It is also usually much less expensive than the train for two people.
  10. We sailed the end of May this year and were able visit Tracy Arm and Sawyer glacier without any issue, and we got very close to the glacier. Hubbard is an amazing glacier. The largest tidewater glacier and is about 6 miles wide where it meets the ocean. In an interview with Murray Lunberg who is a retired Alaska tour guide, and a guest speaker for cruise lines, he said that he thinks that Hubbard is more impressive than Glacier Bay.
  11. Murray Lundberg talked about when the salmon run in this video.
  12. Here is a short video on what to do in Ketchikan. It is part of an live interview I did with Murray Lundberg, who is a retired tour guide, cruise ship lecturer and author.
  13. If they slide their time frame a little later, they can get into sholder season and cruise prices drop, but weather can be worse. Though I just checked NCL, and if they can a northbound on the Jewel, you can get a OV for $499 pp. We did a southbound on the Jewel and loved it, but did Hubbard instead of GB.
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