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  1. Harwich in Essex, about 1 hour directly east of London, is also a cruise port. We took a transatlantic in November a few years ago on Celebrity. Though Southampton gets more cruise traffic.
  2. Though not a major cruise line, Hurtigruten from Norway is setting new standards. Their newest ship, the MS Roald Amundsen, is a hybrid electric powered expedition ship. Known mainly for their ships going up the coast of Norway, they also traverse Antarctica. The Amundsen holds 530 passengers. (https://www.hurtigruten.com/our-ships/ms-roald-amundsen/). See all of the ships at https://www.hurtigruten.com.
  3. Fairly well-balanced article. Having spent several days in Barcelona in the spring, it is extremely crowded but to a good extent it is because graduating "seniors" from high schools across Europe go on a trip to destinations all over Europe. I've heard Italian, German, French from groups of students in Barcelona and also in the National Gallery in London in the spring. So cruise passengers make up a small part of the tourism, but as the author pointed out, "over the course of 2017, Carnival Corporation, a cruise operator that encompasses 10 cruise line brands including Cunard, Holland Ameri
  4. Interesting that as a temporary measure in central Australia, it is actually greener than burning diesel in a car. But off-topic considering this is a cruise website!
  5. Thank you so much for the information chengkp75. I guess that I should have been more diligent in my search for posts on Cruise Critic. It appears that most of the information on pollution was found under specific cruise lines and not in a "general" forum. I'll search better the next time. Your noting of the fact that while cruise lines get a lot of flack from the public, they account for only 5% of all ship traffic is certainly noteworthy. I know that Celebrity uses sulphur-free fuel while in port and has gone to great lengths to only use products that can be recycled. Human waste is bi
  6. Thank you Essiesmom for the links to other posts on this topic.
  7. Thank you Que Sera Sera. I cruise mainly with Celebrity and Royal Caribbean and they do a fantastic job with waste, and use clean fuel while in port. Go listen to a talk by the Environmental Officer if the cruise line offers it. I don’t want to see port after port closed to cruise lines. I am also an old guy who has “retired and gone” to 73 countries and expect to see many more.
  8. As I stated at the outset, I love cruising. I posted in First Time cruisers to give them ANOTHER way to pick a cruise. Frankly, I think the best option is for the cruise lines is to be prevented from docking in more cities, which might then encourage them to do a better job on the only planet that we have life on. Some ships are now switching to plugging-in while in port, like you do with your RV, or just using the clean fuel. Will it cost more? Yes. Which means the cruise might cost more. So what. I think we can agree that we all could afford it. Do I sense an attitude from other
  9. I love cruising but am concerned about the environmental impact. Venice, Italy has halted cruise ships and Londoners are protesting cruise ships on the Thames River. We folks who love cruising should be in the forefront of getting our favorite cruise lines to begin to do right. I have Elite status on Celebrity and while I thought that they, and Royal Caribbean, were doing well environmentally, I came across the report card, below, that dismayed me! They must begin to use cleaner fuel, for one. Cruise Ship Pollution Is Causing Serious Health And Environmental Problemshttps://www.f
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