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  1. I was wandering past the Seafood Shack one day right before they opened, and I was amused watching them put together the bread bowl clam chowder. The hollowed-out bread bowl was filled with the creamy soup/broth first. Then the chef counted out FIVE(!) clams from a big can to add to the mix. He made a big deal about making sure of the exact number of clams to put in each bowl - always Five, not Four, and certainly not Six!
  2. That must have been one huge suite for all 42 of you to fit in it!😉 Just kidding, of course! It looks like you had a wonderful time, and thanks for sharing!
  3. Look for reviews on CC by Mitsugirly. All her family does is go to beaches, snorkel, and dive. She doesn't hold back on her opinions, and you will get honest evaluations on every port and vendor that she uses.
  4. I agree that the wait to go on the Skyride was very long on regular sea days. We were fortunate on our cruise that arrived late one morning to Cozumel (around 11:00 AM). They opened the Skyride and Ropes course at 9:00 AM for a couple of hours as we were still at sea during that time. Not many people took advantage of that opportunity and the lines were negligible.
  5. The Family Harbor is a group of rooms specifically geared to families with children. It looked like they had a separate dining area that served breakfast and snacks, at least when I walked past it. If your group is adults only, you will not want to book a cabin there. I agree with PhillyFan that the Skyride is worth trying at least once. While you're at it, the Ropes course is located in the same area. These activities are closed when the ship is in port.
  6. The Skyride and Ropes course on Horizon were open when the ship was at sea. When docked, these activities were closed. We had a late morning arrival in Cozumel, so they did open them that morning at 9:00 for a couple of hours - that was when we tried them out because there were very short lines. They were fun activities, but not worth waiting for more than 20 minutes to ride.
  7. I agree with everything teknoge3k says. The cove balcony is also the lowest price point for balcony cabins. They are usually less expensive than those on higher decks. One thing to watch for when picking a cove is to make sure you're not under the galley. Some on CC have complained about galley noise during the night above their cabin. In other words, try to find one that is forward of the mid-ship elevators on your cruise deck plans.
  8. Pig & Anchor (deck 5) on Horizon has an ala carte, extra charge, menu in the evening, as well as entertainment. On embarkation and sea days, they have a BBQ lunch buffet that is free. The Italian and Chinese restaurants (deck 11) have the same arrangement as well.
  9. We booked our last cruise through our PVP. We had two cabins and asked her to link our reservations and to try for a table of four for late dining. When we arrived on board, that is exactly what we received. I’ve noticed that late, assigned dining is usually not at capacity; seating arrangements seem to be more flexible.
  10. On our last cruise on the Horizon, there was NO art gallery and NO art auctions at all. I think I remember reading in other threads that Carnival is phasing them out. A lot of space was devoted to the Pixels gallery and advertising the services of the ship's photographers; they will gladly spend some time with you and create a portfolio for you and your family.
  11. Every elevator on Horizon is part of the new system. It worked quite well for me, and I used the elevators a lot to get from my cove balcony on deck 2 up to Lido or higher to Serenity (and vice versa).
  12. Aruba is not a tender port, so you will be docked. Although it's a large ship, Carnival does set up two exits/entrances when docked. It is very efficient to get off the ship. The dock in Aruba is in the middle of town, and taxis should be plentiful. You probably don't need to worry about making your tour.
  13. The IMAX theater is worth the small cost if you go to one of the documentaries shown during the day. I saw the one on National Parks, and it was awesome on the IMAX screen; the cost was only about $5.50. I would agree that the IMAX of a recent feature film (I remember Aquaman being shown on my Horizon cruise last month) at $12.00 (or so) is probably a little steep in price.
  14. The wine special is the free bottle of house wine or 50% off a bottle from the wine list. We ordered a bottle from the list that, with the discount, was about the same price of the bottle at retail. They do add the 18% tip/service charge though.
  15. Is each chip worth $100, or do you have a collection of chips that add up to $100? They're not going to know that the chips are 4 years old. I was on Horizon a couple of weeks ago playing craps, where chips are constantly in motion. The vast majority of the chips used were stamped as Horizon chips, but every once in a while a chip from another ship would find it's way into my stack. Of course these were of the $1 to $5 denominations. If you have small denomination chips, you should be able to introduce them into a game. However, I'm not going to speak to the $25, $100, or $500 chips from other vessels.
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